Thursday, May 6, 2010

More news and reactions to Arizona law!!

I woke up this morning to newspaper articles on the Phoenix Suns registering a protest against the new law, Al Sharpton, black activist from New York and movie star Danny Glover here protesting the racial profiling that they are sure will happen with it, and Mary Rose Wilcox, democratic Hispanic from the west side and long time Maricopa County Supervisor, is registering her opposition to the new law with her picture in the paper. Then I hear that my cousin's son experienced his school in lockdown all day because the police were dealing with 20 and more illegals being held hostage in a drop house by their coyotes for more money. They are usually brought here in a van by coyotes that may be crowded with as many as 25 people. How did they get across the border???

I am also posting another video. I will be posting more videos as I go along that I find striking filmed around the country by other people on this issue.


Paula said...

Beautiful header.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

The San Fran video was classic passive-aggressive choir-preaching... just like there are no "Pro-Abortion" people, there are no "Pro Illegal Immigration" people... Immigration enforcement is a Federal concern, that is why the State Law is so wrong, and all the Law Enforcment Officers in AZ (except, of course, one knuckle-dragger in charge of Maricopa County) dread it coming into enactment. The Sheriff of Pinal County, who has dealt with the most amount of illegal and violent border-crossing issues for over THIRTY YEARS, has stated repeatedly on National Television that AB1070 is improper and will shift to the state taxpayers the cost of enforcement that the Fed is supposed to cover... The bill was drafted by lawyers in Oklahoma or somewhere who included the crazy provision that anyone can sue the Az Govt if they do not assiduously pursue the paper-checking... THAT is why this bill, which is a redundant version of already existing Federal Law, was passed behind the scenes.


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