Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial weekend Sunday news

Doc finally sobered up from his week long drinking binge to just his normal intoxicated state. You may not have been able to detect it but in those two videos he was extremely drunk. A few days of associating with him when he's like that I am ready for the booby hatch. I certainly appreciated the viewer who commented that these were tragic videos which they are when you think of this scene duplicated all over America with families, kids, mates, GFs, etc, coping with an alcoholic in the family, or in worst case scenarios, two alcoholic parents, and I have known families where a couple or three kids joined in, too.
Doc was complaining today that his old drinking buddy knocked on his door last evening for the third time this week hoping to share a few 'brewskies' with him. He said, 'he doesn't know when to quit!" And I thought, "A-Amen!"
Of course, Doc, like a lot of drunks, including my dad, always uses holiday for an excuse to get really plastered. As if the veterans and all those we are trying to remember here need that to remember them. But that's what drinkers do.
Doc, fortunately has a rare sense of humor, and is always ready to laugh at himself even as you feel like crying at the waste of talent, energy, and brain power.
My son Raymond caught up with the blogging world with two entries, the first in some weeks. In this last one called, "Beware the Jobberwocky, my son" on my blog list, Cowboys and Bohemians, he describes waking up in a dark place, which of course drives many a person to drink so as to medicate, but now he is attempting to struggle through these dark moods without benefit of alcohol.
I can't say that I have experienced many of those dark moods since I committed myself to living up to my convictions and through a near death experience that resulted, I was able to get a sense of reality of the place we call by many names-eternity, the hereafter, spirit world, but where we go when the body has ceased to function. I have experienced stepping out of it like it was an old shoe to be tossed aside, no longer necessary to my existence, but then slipping back into it when death retreated to come another day.
For I think that many of our dark moods come because we do not feel we can connect to people. I learned through these near death experiences to reach out to the other side when I got to feeling extremely low and dispirited on this side. There guardian angels would be keeping watch and would respond with their company to get me through the bad times, so I could better complete my mission on earth.
So I learned to keep paper and pen handy so I could record the many dialogues I had with these helping spirits. I would not experience dangerous lows if I reached out to them.
But if there is such a break in faith that the alcohol and other dangerous substances are sought, then it will be impossible to believe in and access spirit help. Many alcoholics, drug abusers, even smokers, and eaters such as myself, will sometimes reach for the substance before they can put into place this connection between here and there as I think we are meant to do so we will be better prepared for our passing.
I always enjoy the spirit dialogues so much if I can just manage to get them going before succumbing to temptation. I am doing better with my eating binges but not before gaining too much weight that is affecting my knees and my mobility. The pool will soon be warm enough for me to go in there to exercise better. The more hardy souls here are starting to swim now. That will be so good for them, since so many have succumbed to the need or the luxury of riding about in a scooter, which is prone to cause mobility to deteriorate!
I had such a powerful connection yesterday to one of my cousins, a former Mormon Bishop, who went to the other side a few months ago. I do not think I will have the energy to connect again like that today, even though I have not done honor to those in my family who served in the military, especially one who died in World War II, Uncle Crae. Many times it has been conveyed to me in messages that his work ever since has been with dying soldiers, helping them to accept what has happened to them. He is still working in that capacity today as it seems like our country is always engaged in a war that requires the sacrifice of some of our young soldiers' lives, and today it is Afghanistan where the killing fields are.
It is a tradition in Utah for families to go to the cemeteries and decorate the graves of all those who have passed as it is all over the land. Thus remembering all the dead, especially those who died too soon and might still be living if some sad circumstance had not taken them. My sister's son-in-law had a sister die unexpectedly, so they had to attend her services before going to Boulder to decorate the rest of the graves. She was only in her early fifties, so I am sure that her family will feel she went too soon.
My own sister LaRae is often with me in spirit who we all felt died too soon at the age of 51. It won't take a lot of energy to connect to her, so perhaps she will say something on this Memorial Sunday.
LARAE: I am busy going about recognizing people's thoughts who are thinking about the dead on our day, but I am here to say that there are a lot of idle moments spent in life that could be put to better use connecting up to the dead, not just on Memorial Day but every day. The worst thing that is happening now days is that so many are dying with no belief system at all so they are incredibly hard to get back up on their feet and going again. They actually come here comatose with mental illness. It is very disheartening to see so many mentally ill because their spirit is in such bad shape. This could be remedied by a great deal more active thinking life. If your spirit is in bad shape when you die you can expect months of recovery in a hospital life setting. Before you will be strong enough spiritually to resume any kind of life in the spirit world. Belief can only grow strong with exercise! So if you have some kind of belief system that does not include life after death in spirit form it would be best to consider a change. There is nothing harder than trying to get someone back on their feet who is very confused about where they are, what they are made of, as so many times if they still retrain consciousness after death they become delusional and think they have not died but are still alive being held captive against their will somewhere or they have gone mad or so on, which are common delusions after death.
GERRY: I first heard of this from our Grandma King who came to me in a dream to comfort me for having undergone such an ordeal in a mental hospital. She said that she had to stay in a mental hospital about five months or so. She said in the dream that they have those there to help people after they die who are mentally confused as she was. She said that she was there because she did not understand why her sons had to die before she did or were mentally ill or about to die as our dad was.
LARAE: Yes, our grandma is very strong now and a great comfort to me. I go to see her often as she is very understanding of the melancholy I feel from being separated from my family at times. I did not get to have the long life that so many of the Kings enjoyed. I died along about the same age as her two sons did, from 45 to 51, and her other son even younger at 22 of an alcohol related death. As did another cousin and grandson. I felt bilimia started in high school began my decline in health and led to other self destructive things I did. I started with bad food binges which I would throw up. Sounds like a simple thing but over the years it can become detrimental to the health, both mental and physical. I relate to these sons and grandsons who died of their excess drinking and rebellious ways.
GERRY: What seems like a small thing, overeating, can become a very big thing if it gets into bilimia is what you are saying?
LARAE: Yes, I also had the idea that it would be such a disgrace to gain weight, get fat, so I could never stand to leave any excess food I had eaten in my stomach until I threw it up. In other words, if I could get out of it, I was not going to accept the consequence of weight gain. I did not see throwing up as detrimental to my health at the time. I thought I could take that risk, but when the bilimia got out of control as it did again in my forties, I did not see that I would be losing valuable nutrients that would keep me healthy, so I see this as leading directly to an unhealthy body that eventually could not throw off a cancer threat, and that is how I succumbed, by just taking too many chances with my health and not giving myself the normal healthy advantage of a body that could fight the invasion of cancer cells. This is something most people take for granted because they have an instinct they listen to that tells them throwing up food is not a good idea. I was part of a crowd that were all doing it, so we got swept along, only I became one of the worst because I was more of an extremist than they were. I was the victim of an addiction as well as any of the other family members who died. I went to extremes and paid the price for it. The family did not realize how dangerous what I was doing was, and so I got into a worse and worse state of health without even recognizing I was there until it was too late!
GERRY: Sounds about like what it was.
LARAE: I put my bilimia into the dangerous addiction category now, but didn't then even though I became some alarmed that I was so out of control at an older age with it.
GERRY: Thanks for talking to us about addiction. Seems like every holiday is a day for addictions.

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