Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weather going hot and cold hard on the aging body

I had a bad night probably due to turning down my air conditioning a degree a few nights ago when it got very hot. Then it turned cold and my legs got stiff and sore from too much cold air blowing on them and I got very little sleep. Even had to take a tylenol to try to relieve the discomfort.
Then I went down to Doc's to discover he had had one of his sleepless nights and was in what I call an insane mood. I soon fled the scene there. My leg is so sore I don't think I can make it over to the Farmer's Market today. I will have to stay home and try to keep the heater on! Ha. In Phoenix all we have to do to get heat is make the air conditioning a non factor by turning it way up. I would turn it off but it does not like that and I am so susceptible to temperature change I would probably have an allergy attack! My body is just getting too damned sensitive.
I went to the library yesterday and bought a cute book called "Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs?" It was written by a medium, Concetta Bertoldi, who is very popular back east and is booked for readings two years ahead. She has even given readings to royalty. I always get a kick out of how mediums write they are so casual about the spirits visiting them. Everything she said made sense to me and made me feel a little less self conscious about talking to the spirits every now and then. She said she was self conscious at first, too, about her psychic gifts and wanted to be just like everybody else but finally accepted that she had a gift (seeing and even hearing spirits who wanted to get messages to their loved ones mainly).
She told this story. She said a young couple told her that the bought a house from this old guy who was getting to an age where he could not keep it up. He asked them if they wanted him to throw in the furniture, too, so since they didn't have any they agreed to pay a little extra and take it. After they had it a while the wife decided she did not like the couch and was going to get a new one. She started having dreams about the old guy like he did not want them to get rid of the couch. She felt guilty, but they decided to ignore the dreams. When they were carrying the couch out, she said one of the pillows fell off the couch, and she said the old man was insistent in her mind that she reach down into the couch. To her surprise, she felt and brought out an envelope and in it there was $4,000. She found 3 other envelopes in the couch with $4,000 in each one. All they could figure out was that George was alone in the world and decided to give his money to them. But he had to yell pretty loud from the other world to get her to find the envelope when she decided to sell the couch, otherwise somebody else would probably have been the one to benefit from the cash!
Dreams she says are the way the dead communicate to most people if they want to talk to you or get a message across. That is what I have always thought. I have received many messages through dreams over the years, even though I did not feel I was destined to be a practicing medium. I thought I could use my psychic gifts to contribute in other ways. But before I end this entry I will receive a message from a spirit. Let us see who is waiting to talk today. Ah, my sister LaRae, one of my favorite visitors from the beyond.
LARAE: I am so excited! Guess who I have brought to talk to you today? Angelina's Dad. He asked me to act as a go-between as he wants to give you a message.
GERRY: Oh, hello, I have thought of you many times, since Angelina became a part of our family and had Dante, my grandson.
HER DAD: I want to tell people what a sad thing it is to have your life taken in a senseless murder so you can no longer be in that world to help your family. But I feel my death was for a reason, to represent all the murdered people and to try to get through some way and help my family when they needed it.
GERRY: You must have been very proud of your son Joey last night when he became the first one in your family to graduate from college. Now Angelina says she is going to try to go back to school. I think she is a bright girl. Wouldn't that be something?
SENIOR: It would indeed. She has always looked after the family as the oldest and she was sensitive to what I might be saying. She helped save Joey's life, and so did your son Dan for which I am very grateful. I am glad I was able to come through to you. (end of message)
LARAE: There has been a lot of excitement in my family with my son-in-law helping to save two little kids who had wandered into the pool area at the family wedding reception held in the club house last night. The littlest one fell in the hot tub and went under once, and the other was trying to save him and would probably have drowned himself if my son-in-law, Josh, had not spotted the kids and broke down the door to get to them. Ann's son-in-law, Lynn, helped him and they were able to reach the two kids in time. A tragedy was in the making when these two slipped away from their parents and went into the pool area with the door closing and locking behind them. Spirits were running about trying to get the attention of the adults. Kids who are too little to understand the danger of water can do foolish things.
GERRY: It was quite the night last night what with Joey's graduation and the posting of the photos on Facebook that my son Dan took, and then the wedding reception which would have turned into a tragedy without the alertness of those two guys.
LARAE: Thank goodness they could see into the pool area. Everyone is so relieved. Everyone was so happy to be celebrating this beautiful wedding of Gentry and his lovely bride.
GERRY: Gentry has such a history with his heart surgery when he was only a week old to correct an abnormality in the vessels leading into and out of his heart. They were the opposite of what they should have been. I will never forget what a crisis that was for a week old baby and how skilled the heart surgeon had to be to save his life.
LARAE: Two more lives were saved last night to his wedding. There will be a bond now between him and these two little kids who got a miracle too when they fell into the hot tub.
GERRY: Margie must be exhausted today since it was the club house in the housing development where she and Floyd live. She said it is beautiful, a nice setting for a reception for a loved grandson's wedding. I can remember how concerned she was as a nurse over what transpired with Gentry's heart. She has always been right there to help Gentry and his brother, too, and sister, with any problems they might have in the ensuing years. I know she said she got therapy for them both I think when Gentry developed panic attacks in his early teens and Jayden a weight problem. Margie being a nurse was able to give them assurance that everything would be all right in time. I hope Gentry has a long and happy marriage. He seems like such a great kid or I should say young man now.
LARAE: Jim, Gentry's granddad, was there with me, so sorry he did not live quite long enough for the wedding. I told him well, Jim, it is always too soon when you have to die and leave your family before you are even old. Well, Jim was older than I was, but he did not feel like he was old enough.
GERRY: The family has probably not yet recovered from his death.
LARAE: No. I know he hasn't. He still gets all teary-eyed when he thinks about it. But he says he knows he has to quit boobing around about it and get used to being a silent invisible presence at these events. I can tell you he was one excited spirit when he saw those two little kids wandering into danger. He says he doesn't know what he would have done if there had been a tragedy like that to Gentry's wedding. I told him all's well that ends well, so he was finally able to calm down. Being a police officer made him feel all the worse because he could not do anything but holler. He doesn't have much faith yet that his spirit energy is eventually going to be felt. I said just wait and see, you will get used to this and will come to believe you are doing all you can by being a caring reacting spirit presence.
GERRY: Gad, my leg has been so uncomfortable this morning I even thought scooter, but of course I wont. I know if I keep it good and warm a few days it will get less stiff and sore. I certainly don't need a scooter yet. I hope I can go quite a while longer without resorting to riding around in a scooter.
LARAE: The temperature will soon be hot enough in Phoenix that all those aches and pains you get with cold will disappear.
GERRY: I got a kick out of this book called "Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs?"
LARAE: Well, they don't walk them. The dogs don't have to be on a leash but there are plenty around. Tomorrow will be Kacen's Missionary Return speech, so I will be off to Cedar City. I hope Ann makes it. Jim wants to go even though he is not directly related to Kacen. He loves to go to Missionary Return sermons. This will be his first one since he passed. He said it will be strange sitting in the audience as a spirit! Talley ho! I'm off.

"Paradise" by Connie. I hope this is like the place where my sister LaRae and other spirits like Jim hang out!


salemslot9 said...

nice entry, Gerry

Anonymous said...

Great post, Lady. I read several of them.Enjoyed browsing your blog.

LaRena said...

I went to a Noetic science meeting last night, and I was thinking about you Gerry. There was a great deal of talk about various energy,quantum physics and the universe. The big thing that made me think about you was the conclusion that psychic energy is the most powerful of energy. It is not blocked by solid objects or distance. You have always shown a great deal of faith in this type of energy and the ability to use it for telepathy. It was a very interesting night. One guy brought a small devise which measures the energy of different people. I was sort of gratified that I measured in the nineties on the positive side. Most were around 40 to 60. I don't know if my 90's reading was good or bad but I decided to take it as good and more powerful. I know I have some ability, especially with dreams of the departed. This seems to be most common, but I always appreciate it as a visit from a loved one. Hope your leg improves soon.

Paula said...

I've been all washed out too Gerry from not sleeping well last night. I like the couch story.

Dirk said...

Sorry you're having such a problem with the temperature, Gerry. People whose bodies are sensitive to temp change, or changes in the weather due to incoming rain for example, have a very hard time. I hope it gets better.


~mel said...

I was out blog hopping and just happened to land here. I enjoyed my visit! said...

Karen said that the bride was very upset at the near drowning of her nephews (sister's boys). Karen hoped she got calmed down. They were all so grateful to the rescurers. Josh was very embarrassed at everyone calling him a hero.


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