Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching up with family and friends here and in the hereafter

I had a new setting for a photo this morning, down stairs on the second floor, standing by a lovely cupboard. I met up with Doc down there looking for maintenance to come to his apartment to fix a problem with his plumbing pronto! The photo turned out well and I soon joined him for sunrise in Yosemite which was very lovely (on cable). We read the paper after which I said I would leave him to his misery and to call me when it was fixed. He did not want me to stay long enough to use his bathroom of uncertainty, so this sent me home fairly fast.
I talked for quite a long time last night with my son Raymond. He got his computer fixed but had not resumed blogging so I did not know what was the matter. He said he was still betwixt and between possibly going back to Austin in a week, so as long as he didn't know his future completely he could not blog. I don't have that problem. I pretty well know my future, as long as I reside here on the earth that is. The wind was a fright yesterday in Phoenix. I hardly dare go outside for fear it would blow me over. It was practically at tornado force. We have had some very strong winds this spring. I don't know if that means the end of the world or what but it could send an unsteady old lady from end to end and that might be the end of her world!
Last night I received a visit from my sister LaRae (passed) accompanied by Jewel (in the photo at Grand Canyon) who was my sister Ann's best friends. She died a year ago but I am sure was very busy reuniting with her husband, the father of her four living children and one passed on. Her husband had died from trying to withdraw too fast from a drug addiction. It was an unexpected death since he was just starting to make big money as a dentist. Instead he was gone and she had to scramble around to make a living for her and the four children. Jewel contracted a fairly rare disease herself (Raynaud's) that tended to run in her mother's family. She was unfortunate enough to get it and last year at the age of 70 I believe she was unable to fight it any more, but what a warrior she was. She used to hop up and down the trail into the Grand Canyon like it was nothing. Like her father before her, she was a great hiker. She was always so enthusiastic and animated, I used to love to talk to her.
Well, last night she and my sister LaRae were talking about how they could see everyone on earth from this grid and their pattern of brain activity. She said some were very animated while some people's brains hardly stirred all day long. Well, I knew that.

Then a little later some information started to come in saying that the great numbers of abortions in this world has altered patterns in the hereafter as everyone is saved, including all these children, and so they must be looked after. It also said that people do not want to reincarnate to families where there is danger they will be aborted and just have to come right back. So this has led to something like empty womb syndrome. After so many abortions what with people not wanting to come to that womb, something that is called barren womb syndrome develops and the woman can no longer get pregnant. They forfeit their opportunity to be parents.
I suppose this information came in and caught my attention from my having blogged about legalized abortion some yesterday. My sister LaRae said of course she was very much involved in this work in expiation from having supported pro choice so strongly as well as having an abortion. Jewel lost a child who had gotten brain damaged at birth from too much drugs. They tried to stop the baby from coming because the doctor was not there and ended up doing severe damage to it. The child was severely retarded but lived for three years. It was a tragic happening and Jewel never forgot what could happen if people especially babies got over medicated.
I am sure she had been reconnecting to this child who could only have been healed from divine intervention, so I was very curious about that. There seemed to have been a good outcome after the baby went to the hereafter and could be treated there with very advanced techniques. What happened was that the soft spot closed so the brain could not expand as it was growing. So that was what caused the retardation. I am sure they must have known that the soft spot was closing but did not know what to do about it. The little boy went to be with his father who I thought had probably recovered from his fast death and was prepared to look after him. He came home from lunch, laid down to take a little nap, and when Jewel went in to call him to dinner, his heart had stopped due to withdrawal from valium. I know that withdrawal can be very dangerous as Raymond tried to come off OxyContin without help, and he ended up in the hospital emergency.
This visit led to one from Pierre (a former companion of mine who passed) who was coming to talk about his green card status as an immigrant from Canada. He said he was always afraid that he would do something to get arrested and deported back to Canada where he did not want to go. I also talked to my sister Linda whose boyfriend of several years was from Mexico with a green card status. He does not speak English well either, nor does his brother apparently, who got drunk and was picked up in Tucson where he had gone to visit. His documentation was thought to be fake, so he did not get out for 3 days.
Now here is a common problem, illegals who may also be alcoholics or drug addicts. We have always thought Linda's Mexican boyfriend was her best to date because he was not a mean drunk and he had a great sense of humor. But she said she finally had to leave him because he was a gambler, too, and not good for her addiction, and he was very hard to get money out of for his share of the house payment. When she developed a medical problem and could no longer work, she could not afford him any more. The house went into foreclosure, and she got him to look after her 2 dogs that she left living under the house and moved to San Francisco to get help from her daughter. The house has been up for auction several times but has not sold yet, so now Leo says the dogs own the house. He goes by and feeds them and sometimes sleeps there if it is not too hot. He says an illegal from Mexico can live under a tree, they can hang anywhere.
He did not pay the utility bills so there is no electricity. But the dogs don't care. They still love their house.
Leo still has a job and can hang on to it because he has a green card even though he like his brother might get picked up for drunk driving or something. He can produce his green card and will go free, even though he might be breaking the law. As long as he has started his documentation he is not going to be deported. So that is another illegal story.
We will always love Leo because he made Linda happy even if he was not too responsible. He was always making jokes. One of the funny things he said was that Linda liked to scream at people but she did not want to be screamed. We laughed and laughed at that. He was very shrewd in his assessments of Linda.
Pierre, my French Canadian boyfriend was younger than I was too, very good looking, and he spoke English so well you could not even detect an accent! Contrary to his sister who had not learned English even though she had been in this country longer than he had. Her husband who started his own construction company learned English as did Pierre who worked for him. But Pierre told me that a bunch of his Canadian cousins came down here and started taking advantage of our bankruptcy laws. They would start a construction company, run up a bunch of bills and then file bankruptcy and not pay. Then they would go somewhere else and start up another company under another cousin's name. I was indignant and said why you cousins were a bunch of crooks. Pierre ran up his credit cards the same way. I remember once he took $1500 dollars just because they offered it to him! I said you know you are going to run out of money and are going to quit paying on these cards (that was his plan). He blamed this plan on to his ex-American born wife, but it sounded like his cousins' plan, too. He did stop paying on his credit cards and the company was shocked and indignant and hounded him day and night and were going to take him to court. Before he could be taken there, he died. What a sad story.
How sad to end his last days being hounded day and night by his creditors. That's not fun. Which is one reason I have never bought anything on credit. My health was not good, so I figured that was not a good idea.
Doc is more conscientious. He has credit cards, but always pays his payments which are within his social security means, he is so frugal. But he does plan on dying before his big toys are paid for. He figures they cannot take them then, and he can will them to someone else and the company will be left holding the bag. I think that is crooked, too, but they don't realize Doc is a bad alcoholic when they give him all that credit, so he figures they will deserve it!
I save up and pay cash for bigger toys. That is the way my dad did it. He would not even buy a car on credit. He paid cash for it. Doc could have paid cash for his toys or paid them off very fast, but he stretched it out, so I think that is intent to crook. What do you think?


Connie said...

well actually no one knows when their last minute will be..think of it-we are all a big risk...the credit companies know this..but most of the time they come out ahead becuse of the high interest rates. Love that pic of you----you look like you're going 'out on the town'

Connie said...

poopie-shit--the dang word in the previous post is BECAUSE..I just hate typos,picky picky me,LOL

salemslot9 said...

Doc sounds like
he's in control
of his fiances
which is good
we don't use
credit cards
even though we could

salemslot9 said...

I left it
sounds funny that way

~mel said...

I have a problem with people who rob the system and don't pay their bills. If you want something pay for it. I had this friend, and she and her husband filed bankruptcy twice ~ and they still keep getting credit cards... max them out... and never pay. PLUS... everything they've ever bought ~ they still own it... a car, house, furniture, clothing,camper, jewelry, etc... Makes me kinda sick; because we who do pay have to pick up for the slackers by having to pay interest. Our friendship went our separate way over this. Lazy moochers ~ that's what they are... but the damn credit companies keep taking them on. They say if they can get away with abusing "the system" more power to them ... and I hold my ground... they're lazy moochers. I think they'll have to pay come their judgment day in the hereafter... thou shalt not steal.


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