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I believe an activist has to be honest even if it doesn't make her popular or rich and famous

I am just about to embed a video here that he and I made for Doc's you tube channel, emdedoc, and blog, Rick n Doc Emde. In this video he managed to get admissions out of me that I don't usually put on my channel, but I am also writing my memoirs, and I think that above all, a good memoir requires honesty from the writer. A white washed version may make it easier for the author to sleep at night, but I have never been without the nerve to risk all on the truth. Which may be the reason I am a poor activist and an unpublished writer. It also takes nerve for a publisher to go with the unvarnished truth in a memoir that might get him criticized.
It is my conviction that rich activists may muffle the truth if it might risk their popularity and therefore their money making proclivities. If their fans don't like them they may give up unpopular causes.
Protesting legalized abortion is one of my most unpopular causes. It has kept me down in the trenches since 1973, especially since I am not a registered republican but a registered democrat who is one of those even more unpopular critters, a pro life democrat who believes the democrat Christians have been high pressured by the majority of the party to switch to a belief in pro choice.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw that Laura Bush had come out in her new memoirs as believing that abortion is a personal private decision, which is as good as saying she is pro choice. I recall Barbara Bush doing the same when her husband George Bush was running for president and he was defeated. I see that Laura has not come out with her bombshell until President George W. Bush was out of office after two terms. What if someone came out and said killing an infant after it is born should be a personal matter? Many parents who do kill their children believe they have a right to because they are 'theirs'. There is nothing personal about violence and blood shed and what effect it has on the human psyche, so to me expressing a belief that abortion should be a personal private choice is a cop out. We should not be in the abortion business in my opinion, which is why I am for the overturning of Roe and Wade, and I think the time will come when it is overturned.
Democrats with their championing of the minorities , however, get to thinking that they are the more saintly of the two parties, really, even though the republicans think they are because they tend to be the religious majority more apt to belong to churches who do not believe in abortion as the Catholics and the Mormons, who are very strong against abortion. I voted for John McCain for president because he was pro life and was not afraid to go on national television and say that he believed that Roe and Wade should be overturned. I thought that was a courageous statement in view of the contempt that George W. Bush had come to be held in this country.
Now, John McCain is saying he thinks a National Guard presence should be brought down to the border to try to stem the tide of illegals entering this country through the Arizona Tucson corridor.
My old friend Bill Pasadeaux says that the Sheriff of Pinal Country has gone on National Television to say he is against the bill and believes this is the business of the Federal government which tells me he is undoubtedly a democrat like Bill. Mary Rose Wilcox, a long time Hispanic Maricopa County Supervisor, has gone on public record as against the SB1070 law. She is of course a democrat. Governor Brewer who signed it is republican, so most of our elected officials have come out as far or against along party lines.
I, however, being a poor unpopular activist, can switch to whatever policy I think is best in either party lines. I might say at this point that my father was I believe a homosexual involved with the guy who molested me at five years old. My father did enough that I suspected their involvement even at my age. Granted I was a smart child, but I had been educated in the ways of extremists in the family since birth. I did not want to tell my mother, so I kept the whole thing secret. I had heard my dad threaten to to go for his gun so he could kill somebody who rustled his cattle. He tried to beat him up in a fist fight I witnessed and got the worst of it. So I figured he would not hesitate to kill the molester. If I told he was a dead man.
So I didn't surface that story until I was 8, when I started to talk about him being a molester only I lied and said I knew he had molested some other little girl. She called me up and threatened to sue me for slander. But I did not find out for many years that two months after I started talking about him being a molester Bill was shot in the leg and was helped to leave the country. Only the shooting was supposed to be over some whiskey, according to the men who told it.
However, I also thought it was possible my dad would shoot my mother and I didn't know what he would do to me if I started surfacing what I thought he was doing away from home in his drinking parties with men. He did hold a gun on my mother at one point in their many fights and he threatened for 30 minutes to kill her. I was so terrified he would kill her that I prayed and asked the Arc Angel Michael to go with me and pray over my father for 2 months, asking him not to kill my mother for the sake of the family. This angel and I went every night to his bed side in spirit and argued and pleaded with his spirit. Terrifying threats call for such measures in my opinion. I have not hesitated to call on my version of God which may not be the republican version or the democratic version but who I thought might respond.
But I left the Mormon Church and would not join any other church because I do not like how they deal with homosexuality. I believe that once that becomes instilled into someone, and in that country this could happen through molesting, as I was abducted by the molester out by the corrals where I often went to ride horses with my father, it is not something that can be eradicated that easily as is thought by people who aren't homosexuals and don't study it and don't know much about it. I have studied it all my life since I thought my father was involved.
So I do not feel comfortable dealing with this issue with religious people who I think tend to be more unreasonable, using bible quotes and the like, to back up their condemnations of it. I find democrats to be more rational on this issue.
I also found them to be more rational when it came to civil rights. I think democratic presidents did more for the blacks than the republicans except for Abraham Lincoln who freed the slaves after leading the north through a civil war with the south which kept them from seceding from the union mostly when their right to be slave holders was threatened.
I think these old sentiments still linger among wealthy republicans of the south and they have tended to hang back on granting blacks equality to the point that the first African American president could be elected. I think republicans are the ones most prone to believe that President Obama was not born in Hawaii. I do not believe that anyone would run for president who was not born here, just because with our crime detecting methods that would be impossible to conceal, so people may believe this because they want to, because it goes more against their grain and background to accept an African American as president.
I think people are so prone to hang with people who agree with what they think that if someone doesn't agree they will drop them or develop reservations about them. This is what keeps a person like me unpopular because I will cross lines to support whoever I think is the most advanced in their thinking.
I find democrats to be bigger book readers than republicans generally speaking, so therefore more apt to embrace a broader spectrum of thinking. I know in Utah people are actually discouraged from reading books of the world because the church wants them to stick to Mormon endorsed reading material. That's why I had such a tough time in Utah as a big book reader. People were more apt to be suspicious of my book reading than praising of it. I feel that I was more apt to be penalized for being smart in Utah than in any state in the Union. I never ran into book readers in high school even though I attended high school in the northern part of the state and went my junior and senior years to a high school in Salt Lake where minorities went. Minorities did not read books either.
When I lived in the Mexican neighborhood on the west side for 20 years nobody read books, but a lot spoke Spanish and some did not speak English.
I have never been accepted by Jewish people anywhere although I have tried my best to find some and get accepted by them. I have probably read more books by Jewish authors than most Jewish people have since I am a voracious reader, but they seem even more suspicious of white people than most and did not seize any opportunity to get better acquainted with me. I figured it was the holocaust and that Nazi policies were going to set back relations between Jewish people and whites beyond my lifetime before trust could be restored. I wanted to get acquainted with more Jewish people because I think they tend to be big book readers and big book writers and there fore involved in book publishing, film making, many of the arts. Hitler was suspicious of intellectual Jews and ended up killing them and millions of other Jews just because they were Jews, which has in turn caused Jewish people to be extremely distrusting of any whites who act like they can't tolerate them and their gifts, no matter how intelligent they are or how talented.
Jewish people I would say tend to be democrats as do blacks just for the greater flexibility the democrat party has shown in accepting minorities in their leadership as Obama, Pelosi, and others. I would say the Jewish people were also suspected of being more apt to join the communist party and be leftists, but many of them came from the countries where socialism was talked about a great deal more as a solution. Lenin was Jewish as was Trotsky, famous names in the Russian revolution.

I want to state that I said I dated many Mexicans in this video, but I really did not date that many, although I talked to many, danced with them, and played pool with them. The story about the onion picker is true however.


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I think we all have to learn to stand up for what we believe in. Have a good rest of your week. said...

In view of your comments here and being poor might be a pickup in my weird dream.(family site) The news this morning said the little boy who was murdered by step-father and real mother had his face pulverized beyond recognition. The guy and mom left him alone while they went to be married and he came home and killed him. The whole thing is bone-chilling. Violence can be so brutal. How can it be stopped? I think so many of the drug cartel use brutal force for their power. THAT is what we need to control.


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