Monday, May 17, 2010

Gun violence tied to illegals in my HUD housing years in a Mexican neighborhood

So many groups now are going to file lawsuits protesting SB1070, the new tougher immigration law in Arizona, that I fear we should not get too attached to it. The main fear seems to be the racial profiling these groups are sure will cause a big problem. I will say that I do not think our Mexican citizens even if they have been here a long time are going to lead the way in trying to get the numbers of illegals coming to this country cut back. They are too tied to Mexico themselves through their own ancestors immigrating perhaps illegally many of them. But to me that does not mean that our government should not recognize the many problems that the flow of illegals has caused. Any country would balk at too many years of such immigration. And yes we can expect fear and much emotion if the government is to take stronger measures to secure the border through more agents, more man power to stem the illegal tide.
Mexico is going to react to having this flow of traffic challenged. Arizona is challenging it now, which I think is a good thing. Presidents and congressmen have too often allowed the issue to be put on a back burner. I am sure although President Obama has not made any public statements about it that he and homeland security Janet Napolitano and Congress members are conferring about it to see what steps can be taken that might be better accepted.
The consensus of opinion seems to be that this is the federal government's business, but Arizona says that the federal government has not recognized the dilemma of the states most affected by it, as Arizona and California. I have watched many videos on the subject both pro and con that people are sending to me. This is an issue that has been taken to You tube in a big way. Our modern way of getting all kinds of viewpoints out to the public, which I think is most interesting. I have watched videos made by young kids in high school giving their take on it. Don't think they can't be affected by it in some neighborhoods.
I got a video the other day where Socialist teachers, including one at UCLA was preaching revolution and over throw of a corrupt capitalist regime that considers only the rich and not the poor. We have been receiving the poor of Mexico for many years. We can expect no less than their indignation at having to immigrate illegally with no place in the world seemingly that wants them. When they interpret this law as a big go home sign even after they have been here illegally for many years, naturally this is going to upset the whole family. I have seen a video of kids standing up for their parents who don't know what is going to happen to them if there is a big crackdown on illegals.
Yes, and I do think that all need to think about the issue which will help our congressmen to make better decisions, especially if they hear from all of us about what we think should be done. So in some form or another I am for bloggers addressing the issue, discussions on Facebook, videos made. This is a very big important issue and needs a lot of input!


Have Myelin? said...

Here's what I don't understand. If I went to Mexico, UK, Japan, or heavens above...Kuwait or some other Arab country illegally you all would call me a fool or worse for doing that.

BUT, if they are trying to come into our country illegally it's okay. I am not opposed to immigration but I want it done legally but no I'm not a fan of profiling. If states up north start having problems with Canada then they can vote the same law in!

I am a fan of State rights so I think AZ should tell everyone to mind their own business. They are dealing with the problem on a daily basis...not Congress.

Amrita said...

It takes about 40 minutes to download and watch your videos, but I do take the time to watch them as they are so interesting.

I read about the Mex violence in a bart in my news paper.

Really terrible.

There is criminal violence here too and worse - terroriests and commie insurgents.

Yesterday a commie group blew up a bus and killed 36 innocent people said...

I remember coming to visit in your neighborhood hearing gunshots, scared me! The biggest advantage was living next to the school so your kids could slip over there easily. But wow, what a tough neighborhood.


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