Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I woke up from a dream and could not go back to sleep without blogging

First I went to DB's blog, Vagabond Journeys, which started with this quote: "If the only tool you have is a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail.

Abraham Maslow"

I thought how apt that was for what I was thinking about. I was thinking about when a capitalist country like the US begins objecting to letting the poor of another country find refuge, the rejected people become ripe for communist rebels to proselytize and try to stir to uprising or at least acts of terror if a takeover of the government is not possible. My friend Amrita from India says that poor illiterate tribes are forced sometimes by gun point to join the groups led by a communistic leader whose solution to the excesses of capitalism is a fanatical belief in the tenets of communism. I have seen videos sent to me showing this very thing going on in parts of India now.
A very good example of what can happen when capitalism is seen as greedy and exploiting of another country is what happened in Cuba. I remember the days when Havana was a swinging capitol of a country into which US corporations had moved with the cooperation of its dictator or supposedly elected leader, Baptista, even it was said the Mafia, and there is still a great deal of argument today whether Cuba was prospering under this leader with strong ties to capitalists in the US and whether the workers were better off. Fidel Castro certainly forced the people to become communists under gun point. Once he had taken over there was no other choice.
Whenever possible a great many Cubans fled and sought refuge in the country across the bay, the US, so quite a lot did not like what they got in a communist takeover.
If you were able to glamorize Che Guerva (sp) in your mind, it was very hard to glamorize Fidel Castro once he took over. There did not seem to be a whole lot of freedom to think what you wanted to think under his very controlling dictatorship. So we Americans got a lesson for years in how some Communistic regimes work if by some luck they manage to overthrow the government in power and seize control of the country. The way Fidel did it in Cuba was probably every communist leader's dream for years. I am not as familiar with Communist takeovers in South America. I wasn't as close to them as I was to Cuba, but I have studied everything I could find out about Cuba for years.
I am not quite sure what goes on in Mexico to send so many of its poor to the north, but compared to the US it must not seem tolerable, but my guess would be that if the border which is so long was more secure more unrest would be happening there we might hear about. I get the idea that the drug cartels as they did in Columbia have become very ruthless there as well as here vying for the drug trade created by addicts in the US. So when we think about Columbia we sure don't want to have to deal with a murderous drug crew come to power in Mexico even though that has been increasingly the case it appears. I am wondering if Mexico is not growing those lucrative poppies also in more and more fields, which is a sobering thought. For with drug money comes guns. Expensive guns.
Every once in a while I try to read about where the poppy fields are flourishing. Afganistan is one of the latest places I have read about with the poor wanting to raise the most lucrative crop going. And I think how do so many people in the US get addicted to drugs. Marijuana and cocaine are always the drug contraband that is picked up as the drug traffickers think up more ways to get it across the border. Well, you know that a bunch more addicts in the US would not be good news. Who do you know hooked on cocaine? Cocaine seems a little rich for the pocketbooks of those who live in here, so crack or meth and marijuana seem to be more the drugs of choice. But prescription drugs as you might know are real big in a complex where there is a lot of aches and pains and people are prescribed painkillers.
I do know a lot of people who have gotten hooked on painkillers. Doesn't seem to take long to develop a roaring addiction to those, which is why I haven't taken but one tylenol for years. I just don't want to get hooked on painkillers in my old age. I hate addiction to anything. Food is my addiction, sugar, cheese, ice cream, etc. and it seems quite humiliating to be a food addict but our obesity epidemic indicates this is another big addiction going strong in the US.
So where do we concentrate our efforts to get control? Arizona is tired of drug traffickers and their gun violence, that is clear, which have many illegals among their ranks. The violent illegal is the one I grew to fear. Especially when out of control on alcohol. Or drugs.
I used to go outside on a Sunday morning and see literally a sea of empty cardboard 18 pack beer containers, and would think well no wonder the gun fire was so scary last night. There is nothing worse than a drunk man on the rampage with a gun, shooting up the apartment complexes just for the heck of it. I recall my neighbor around in front with the apartment like mine to the north telling me to come around and look at her windows. Bullet holes had pierced both of her bedroom windows, just above where her kids ordinarily slept. The gun fire had been so bad, they had all run and got in bed with her. I shudder to think how traumatized I would have been had bullets gone though the windows or both of my bedrooms facing south. My windows faced an alley and hers faced the street which was probably why her apartment got shot up, as it was more convenient to the drive-by shooter. She pointed out where bullets had hit the apartment walls as well. My grandson was living with me then.
Well, you can run but you can't hide. I had already run back to Utah to escape the violence in another complex, but I had to come back because I could not get a job in Utah, mainly I think because I was not Mormon. It was just harder to get jobs if you weren't active. It took a long time for example for my sister who was not active in the church to get a job as a school teacher. She finally found one in a town that had trouble attracting good teachers because of its high elevation and cold. I had to have a job which I had lost when I developed a bout of chronic fatigue. When I got better I still thought I had a few working years left, but I would have to find a sit down job. No more running!
That's when I came back and found a job at Revlon in a 90 percent Mexican district where my sister and her husband bought property. I followed her there. I always lived close to her since she was my youngest sister and I thought we needed to live close for our kids sake as well as our own.
You do what you have to do. When I collapsed and practically had to be carried out of Revlon four years later, I ended up in HUD complex that had 3 bedrooms for women with kids of both sexes in that neighborhood the closest one to my sister and her property. On welfare, I felt like a drain on society for a long time.
My family pointed out I was the first on either side to go on welfare. It just did not seem acceptable. Especially with a phantom condition like chronic fatigue that a lot of doctors did not quite believe in. (They told me)
I knew illegals walked across the border and risked not being wanted simply because they thought they'd have a better life. Many illegals managed to stay until they got green cards, etc, and somewhat legalized themselves over the years.
But a deep recession in the country has made it tough for states like Arizona and California, both victims of a big housing bubble that is still resulting in foreclosures.
Everybody was working at the height of the bubble, and many don't understand why suddenly there was no more work. My son in construction said his boss told him he might have to lay him off the other day if they did not get more jobs. His job has been secure a long time. Maybe now it isn't. Companies that hired a lot of Hispanics were hit especially hard, but illegals starting north don't always know what is going on in the cities of their destination. Having faith in the unknown is necessary for the illegal to summon up the courage and fortitude to come.
So everybody is getting crunched in this economy. So how to go a little easier? Reacting with guns is using the hammer and seeing the problem as a nail. Still war has always erupted of some sort whenever push comes to shove.
The drug traffickers arm themselves well with the drug money. Then you have got some really dangerous people to contend with. People are bound to try to feed their addictions no matter how hard the times are. That's when many are tempted to use illegal ways to acquire money that is become drug traffickers to be able to afford drugs.
Thoughts like these can keep a person awake. Well, hope I can go to sleep now!

Post Script: My dream was that I was publishing some sort of newspaper with photos (probably my blog) and nobody was paying any attention and never reacted to speak of, but after I wrote the above blog I went to sleep and continued on with the dream only this time I had attracted the attention of "Dynamite" the boy who inspired my love for him because of his love of horses, but was so hot tempered and fighting with his father all the time he could not accept admiration, he could only disdain it. Well he had heard about my memoirs being printed in my blog according to my dream and he immediately took up the cause of fighting me (for daring to talk about the second molester who was a relative of his). He did not care whether the relative had done what I said he did, he was just going to defend the family honor and be my sworn enemy, the leader of the rebel opposition bound to bring down the daughter of the rich man (richer than his father). My father was the capitalist he was the poor boy who never had anything but an old workhorse to ride while I galloped around on a whole ramada of horses from my Grandfather King's fields. He had once 'rocked' one of those horses and me as I rode past, so I never showed off again up in town where the poor cowboys might not be able to stand it.
This battle between the poor boys and the better off goes on forever in many forms. This was probably even why I was molested by two hired men as some are not able to contain their resentment over not being born in more fortunate circumstances. So it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed it is thoughts like that that can and do keep some of us awake. Mine tend to be akin to family out of work, having to move off someplace trying to find work. You write a thoughtful column and I enjoyed reading it.

OF all the poppies grown all over the world, a big part of them seem headed for this country. I don't know anyone using but there's got to be many people with money using drugs in this country. All these drugs coming into the country is feeding a lot of habits. Shame.

I've been curious about your new immigration law. Expect most everyone in the border states is watching to see how it goes, some talking about enacting similar laws.

Again, enjoyed reading your blog. I wish the best for you and your son. Take good care.



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