Friday, May 14, 2010

John McCain against legalized abortion and for fixing 'the danged fence'

I made a video this morning covering my disappointment at seeing Laura Bush on Larry King promoting her new book and saying she thinks abortion needs to stay legal for 'medical and other reasons'. As a pro life democrat I crossed the line and voted for George W Bush twice because of his strong stand against legalized abortion, which I thought was hurt badly by his invasion of Iraq. Somehow his protestation of the taking of life by legal abortions of over a million fetuses a year rang a little hollow when he allowed his hatred of Saddam Hussein to cause him to attack and invade Iraq tearing that country up something terrible without having definite proof of weapons of mass destruction even. None were ever found and Iraq still continues to be a very troubling problem for the US. Again I thought that the policy of invading a country and killing whoever stood in the way in order to bring the democratic way of American life was misguided, not good reasoning, and was used by more astute thinkers than he to denigrate his presidency. His determination to stop cell stem research using the fetus in a controversial executive's overriding of the bill was no longer seen as an act of integrity but more like stupidity.
I have been studying the Russian revolution again and want to state that the millions of people the "Socialist" regime killed over the years to bring communism to Russia caused me to greatly fear the legalizing of abortion as one scary trend. I read and protested the propaganda that abortion advocates flooded the media with following Roe vs Wade decision of the Supreme Court in 1973 that legalized abortion across the land. I also thought the thinking was misguided and unreasonable, and had come out of the 'leftist' mentality that had begun to dominate in the democratic party.
During the Kennedy years the democratic party stood for an advancement in civil rights for blacks which they had been fighting for for years. Lyndon Johnson also passed civil rights legislation that made life better for black and other minorities in this country, thus insuring their loyalty and support of the democratic party.
So when the democratic party developed a strong pro choice contingent among their numbers, I thought clearly influenced by the legalizing of abortion in communist countries, Russia and China, there was great pressure for blacks and other minorities no matter their religious beliefs to support rather than oppose this troubling new development.
The media immediately went largely pro choice and many publication printed troubling propaganda, claiming for example that more women than actually did lost their lives to 'back alley' abortionists and that abortion saved lives! Legalized abortion has not saved lives, it has taken a lot more lives to the tune of over a million abortions a year since 1973 and made Planned Parenthood a huge abortion provider, now a million dollar 'industry.'
If that doesn't make people squirm it ought to. But this shows the insidious effects of propaganda which people tend to believe if they read it often enough. Pretty soon we had people claiming that a fetus wasn't life and therefore it was not killing to abort it. You think George Bush can't think? Well, try to wrap your mind around the logic of some of this abortion propaganda. If a fetus is not life what is it?
Then we heard that it was better to kill a child then have it come in the world to be poor and abused. But a childhood is long and if a child survives it, he obviously has not been abused enough to kill it. Since when did it get more merciful to kill a child rather than abuse it? In Utah a 4 year old was just battered to death by his step father. I think that if he had been just battered but not killed this crime would not have been quite so horrifying, don't you?
But according to abortion advocates, they can project that these mothers who seek abortion will abuse their children if they do have them, will not feed them, and a whole bunch more terrible stuff will happen to them worse than just being killed outright when a fetus. Now that is abortion propaganda.
So republicans certainly aren't the only people in this world who are guilty of illogical and even down right dangerous thinking that up to now has caused millions of deaths in this country to the fetus. But remember, you need to change your thinking about the fetus, it is not a life, so therefore it is not a bad thing to kill it and only a stupid republican (George W Bush) would ever imply that it was.
But in order to try to kill religious thinking that this was still wrong, there was a big cry about separating church and state and getting God out of the government. Now this is democratic thinking not republican.
I got down right disgusted with so many democrats carrying on about how stupid these republicans are and as a matter of fact they are still doing it, regardless of the fact that they are supposed to love minorities and if they come up here from below the border uneducated not even speaking English they will just love them to death, but they have no tolerance for any republicans in this country who are as stupid as George W. Bush and that covers a whole lot of them it seems. I do not believe in constantly referring to the stupidity of anybody as I do not think that is designed to bring out the best in anybody.
So I thought the big push in this country to vilify George W Bush in this country for his 'stupidity' was done to discredit anything he supported including his stand against legalized abortion.
I was very disappointed that Laura Bush did come out for legalized abortion. She will be dismissed as an unimportant thinker. It did not even sound like she had thought much about the issue, so it was no wonder I was rather upset. But hey, Barbara Bush did the same thing only she did it when George Senior was running for President the second time. And she had 10 kids! Nobody ever cared what she thought again, so this did not impress many people either.
Anyway I made this video this morning, and I am also including another video someone sent me she thought I should see. I was interested and I thank her, and you might be interested, too. This is in keeping with my intention to show some other videos sent to me in my blog that I think are strong.


Cathy said...

Abortion is a rough one, Gerry. It concerns the essence of life, but people confuse it with "rights" etc., it's merely a life coming into being, people don't have to think that's anything important if they prefer. Whether people want to end that life because it looks like something they blew out of their nose is their business. Life to me starts at the moment it starts, when the cells start dividing on their own, that means it's alive. Now comes the hard part. Maybe folks just don't know how they feel about being alive.

Gerry said...

Cathy, abortion is legal in this country up to 9 months so I think to maintain that it is their business if they kill an unborn child that could even survive outside the womb is sending a confusing message to those who abuse and kill a child after it is born. Before legalized abortion women were encouraged to do everything they could not to get pregnant with a child they did not want or did not believe they could take care of. Granted this is an ideal and as as result many women before legalized abortion had many children in a state like Utah where abortion was taboo and still is. It has the lowest abortion numbers still and also has the highest birth rate, but it is also ranked No 1 by Forbes Magazine as in the best financial shape (less debt) than any state in the Union. The Mormons have emerged as more vocally opposed to legalized abortion in recent years, but Catholics have always been strongly against it. I also think abortion is very hard on women and if they can get through life without one they are going to be more spiritually and mentally healthy. said...

Two very interesting videos. Seeing this film is shocking in the numbers of babies killed. One woman 35,000? Whew, that is a lot of deaths to think about, millions.
When I think of abortion, I am reminded of a woman in the mental hospital...there because of her abortion who shredded toilet paper in little peices and carried it around on her arm as if it were a baby and would cry when the peices fell. Killing is very hard on women.


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