Sunday, May 9, 2010

Off to Diamondbacks game I go with Son Gary for Mother's Day!

Header photo is my son Gary in the red shirt, my sister Ann, and my son Dan and Gary are shown in second photo the Heritage Festival in Boulder last summer.

I must decide what to wear to the game. Not that tye dye shown in my photo yesterday! I need to be a little less colorful I think. I know, I must wear my fishie necklace with a chartreuse hat and blouse, white pedal pushers and white sandals I think. Decided! He is to pick me up at 12:30. I think I will eat a grilled cheese sandwich so I won't be hungry.

Son Dan called last night to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and we talked a long time about the new tougher Immigration bill SB1070, computers, summer plans, how his son Dante and my grandson is doing in California where he went to live with his Aunt Stephanie and Uncle David to go to school, his plans to return to school to study to be a psychologist, obstacles in his way, plans to go to Utah for the summer. We discussed daughter Ronda being in San Diego for a dance convention but wanting to go to lunch next week and whether he will be able to join us. Very friendly satisfying talk.

Went down to Doc's after buying the Sunday Arizona Republic. After I drank coffee and ate cereal and read the paper I saw I had a call from son Raymond in Utah on his computer, no doubt to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. Came home and listened to the message. Raymond said he would try calling back later. His computer crashed but is fixed, only he has to drive quite a long ways away to pick it up, so he can't blog.

So far that's my Mother's Day. Think it will be a very good day. Am giving my mind the day off from politics. I need the rest!


madcobug said...

Happy Mother's Day. Helen said...

I do hope you enjoy your day at the Diamondback Park. Should be fun with son Gary.

Amrita said...

Hi Gerry hope you had a good mother 's day with your sons. Nice photos


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