Monday, May 10, 2010

The most illegals enter Arizona's Tucson Corridor to the US


Missie said...

I have nothing against people coming to our country to have a new life, but they do need to do it legally. I agree with the new laws and hopefully they will encourage the immigrants to enter legally. said...

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You make sense talking about illegals having lived among both legal and illegal Mexicans for years. I think we all need to push for legal entry, legal work,
and taxes paid and try to get out the illegal drug dealers who are so dangerous.

Bill Pasdeaux said...
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Bill Pasdeaux said...

Ted Kennedy and John McCain tried to do just that back in Bush's 2nd term and the Republican Congress shot it down even though GW supported it too... Now, the Sheriff of Pinal County (where Tucson is) has taken to National Television to tell us that his 50 years of law enforcement experience in that "worst corridor" has lead him to reject the letter of this law as racially inappropriate, unwelcome to state law enforcement personnel who would have to enforce it, and inappropriate regarding the US Constitution... why would he do that?

Gerry said...

Bill, because he disagrees and possibly because he is a democrat, I am sure the reason Mary Rose
Wilcox disagrees with it. I do not think it would be healthy for any democrat to endorse it if they want to be re-elected. Mary Rose Wilcox is a Maricipa Country
Supervisor but I don't go along party lines even though I am a registered democrat, I am a pro life democrat so have never been popular with my fellow democrats. I did not like living in such a violent neighborhood on the westside with many illegals figuring in the shootings. Which caused me to believe the violence in Mexican neighborhoods could never be lessened without less illegals to contend with. I am not afraid to cross party lines and agree with republican attitudes if they seem to apply to the problem better in my opinion.


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