Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arizona a week after passing tougher Immigration law

This week has been a busy week for me watching more videos, entering into discussion, and reading about reactions to Arizona passing a tougher immigration law. I made another video discussing the big headlines in the Arizona Republic on the subject, which I thought covered many of the issues well. I thought the Republic brought up a good point which is that our country is engaged with troops helping other countries throughout the world maintain secure borders which includes Germany and South Korea, but in our own country even though law enforcement officials have asked for them time and again there are no troops securing our borders. Obviously no president wants to be the one who braves a lot of opposition to do such a thing with the help of enough members of congress that would go for such a solution, risking their own re-election chances.
Almost laughably, a system that was supposed to detect people crossing also detected wild life as well and had to be scrapped for various reasons even though it cost a lot of money.
Writers in the Republic today ask how many people on the lowest run of the ladder as most illegals are can one country absorb. There is danger, it was pointed out, of the US becoming like Mexico, increasingly unable to provide for a large group of the uneducated and unskilled workers, growing all the time through illegal immigration. I was arguing yesterday with a blogger and Facebook friend who believes the new law reflects racism in the governor and in the legislators such as Russell Pearce most responsible for pushing such a measure. Well, I think tougher measures will get that kind of accusation from some, but was it justified? I think a lot of pressure was on the Governor to do something! So she did. She passed the law saying all along that by the Federal government passing on enforcing immigration laws a border state under siege was being forced to take desperate measures.
The very reason why the border problems are so hard to solve is that a great deal of emotion is always expressed about any actions that restrict immigration. I do not feel that Governor Brewer is a racist. Arizona has had a big Mexican presence for many years. We have had a great deal of time to get used to our mixed population. Yes, there are always racists, but when those of Spanish origins are not willing to deal with the problems illegal immigration causes could that be called racism? I would say that anyone who cannot reason about the results of such a porous border for many years is unable to be objective or cannot be relied on to solve the problem.
If this country cannot take care of all the hungry and jobless of Mexico is that a fault? I think this country has stretched and stretched. It has absorbed and absorbed. When the problems get to the people who run the states who have been elected to take care of them, then we know we are reaching a crisis point. Governor Brewer has been doing what the state of California has not done, and that is she has been trying to balance the budget, and through all the cuts she has made a number of government employees have seen their jobs either disappear or come into jeopardy. A too fat government force has had to be trimmed. Could she afford to think about the upset of those whose jobs are being lost? Not and balance the budget.
I read where alarmingly simple court actions people have taken for granted have had to be delayed because California is becoming increasingly more bankrupt. Yet when the state government tried to pass a law limiting benefits to illegals to save money, the measure was declared unconstitutional. The new Arizona Immigration Law will be taken to court and its constitutionality ruled upon, but who is going to solve the illegal immigration problem and what it is costing the states?
I would say the Federal government is going to need to do it, but I don't think Governor Brewer thought President Obama and homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano were going to do it. The ball has been dropped in congress on Immigration. I think this new tougher immigration law in Arizona is a direct result of the Federal government failing to deal with the problem.
There have been bad results in Arizona due to the passing of this law. Businesses have perceived trouble and are passing on bringing their convention business to the state which relies heavily on that source of income. Tourists are saying they will bypass Arizona. Arizona is being accused of being racist, prejudiced, and uncaring about the desperate and the hungry coming for help. What would you do if you were governor of this border state?

2 comments: said...

Interesting video..great header!
It is hard to get a handle on just how to stop illegal immegration.
People entering the US illegally every day and staying gets to be difficult for the taxpayers. Unless there is some way to close the borders, it will continue...

Connie said...

I can only hope the rest of the states follow in standing up and enforcing the law that is already in place but not being enforced because so many think it is politically incorrect or racist.
U.S. needs to put itself FIRST for ONCE!!


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