Friday, May 28, 2010

Woman who tries to sober up old drunks unravels after they watch Crazy Heart

Doc and I keep making these movies and this one is particularly significant as it applies to the number 1 problem in our HUD housing complexes as well as among our criminal population, alcoholism with I am sure drug addiction keeping up and food and cigarette addictions following close behind.
Yesterday we had a HUD housing safety meeting with a police officer talking to us about how to handle these issues. I can't say that I have ever dealt with a big disturbance here that did not involve drinking or some other high behavior achieved by drugs. Yesterday the woman police officer revealed the sadness all law enforcement experienced yesterday when a young officer married with two small children was gunned down and killed by a burglary suspect undoubtedly looking to support his habit. He was a native of Tucson who had been in and out of jail, the most recent arrest for driving under the influence. Hated cops I suppose, why he chose to kill one and will undoubtedly spend the rest of his life in jail or even get the death sentence since no society looks kindly on cop killing.
Sigh. It was hard to be very light hearted in the wake of this sad death, but this video is an unraveling of a sort that I am sure is experienced across the land with usually one of the couple trying to sober up the other. My sister Ann posted in her blog a picture of a beautiful young woman who grew up in my hometown whose fights with her alcoholic husband became legendary. Her father did not drink and she could not stand drinking. They fought and fought until finally they had to separate to keep murder from happening. You can see from Ann's blog KanyonlandKing that she was packing. (carrying a gun) She is now 98 and her ex-husband is long since dead from his alcoholism. Thanks to her efforts I am sure none of her 3 sons are alcoholics. Tragically her one beautiful daughter was killed in a car wreck.
I have one son, my oldest, who is still a drinker, but my second son Raymond has fought the demons of alcoholism for years, and is now seeing the good results with people taking him serious as someone responsible to work with. What happens to old drunks is that they start to falter and fail and become unreliable, if not long before. My youngest son got a late start drinking in the navy and acted like he could still control it, not it control him, but I am always nervous when any of my kids drink. There are too many alcoholics on the King side for it to seem at all safe to me which is why I elected never to drink enough even to get drunk. I hated the taste of all alcohol, so eventually gave it up entirely and would not drink a drop. However food addiction took hold that I still struggle with today, no easy addiction to subdue either, but it does not lead to the crimes that alcohol and drug addiction do. The crime is just in undergoing an alteration of the body that is always painful. The bigger you get the worse it is. That addiction is also epidemic among the old and disabled. We are truly a dreadfully addicted society, and we are still so far from figuring out how to get to these addicts who may go on drinking and destroying themselves in great numbers for years. Actually dying drunk as claimed in these videos.


~mel said...

My heart goes out to the both of you. This really was one of the saddest tragic videos I've seen in a long time. The reason why? Because I just saw the same scene a few months back when I was visiting my sister and her alcoholic husband. She too has been desperately trying to sober him up; but he, like your man just thinks it's a joke. It's sad when people become ill and fight for their lives ~ but it's really sad when people "choose" to commit a slow suicide in front of the ones they claim to love. Your husband is having an affair with his mistress right in front of you. His mistress is his bottle ~ and he thinks it's funny. Guess what ~ it's not funny at all! My heart truly goes out to the both of you. Maybe some day his eyes will be opened and he'll see the TRUE LOVE of his life is his wife and will choose HER to spend the rest of his days on this earth with ... not a damn bottle of booze. You're in my prayers.

Amrita said...

Dear Gerry trying to change alhoholics is a very difficult and arduous job.

I am sorry your efforts with Doc have failed so far.

He wants to die drunk, but He will awaken sober in eternity and will have to stand before God 's throne sober

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