Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tucson ethnic studies under fire from State Superintendent, and teacher expresses concern for their children if Arizona stops illegal immigration!

I am seeing videos on Youtube made of students protesting Tom Horne's attempt to stop ethnic studies program implemented in Tucson after lawsuits were filed by both black and Hispanics for school districts not having enough input about ethnic backgrounds. Now apparently there is too much emphasis placed on controversy that Tom Horne believes is stirring up students to just such protests. Well, he might have a point, but right now everyone is having their say both pro and con.
This all makes for a lot of controversy surfacing now days in Arizona! I was glad to see the 1 percent on the dollar sales tax passed on the 18th of May which is a vote of confidence for Governor Janet Brewer for economic recovery. I certainly voted for it. I didn't see how any more cuts could be sustained without lots of pain, so another source of income for our state budget just had to be found.
I was somewhat dismayed to see a My Turn printed in the Arizona Republic of a teacher who actually protests trying to stop illegal immigration because she has found their innocent children to be a true gift to her in her classes. I could hardly believe her dismissing the whole idea of illegal immigration in this manner. Parents do a lot of things that cause suffering for their children. I have to ask what about the Mexican neighborhoods turned violent because of the inundation of illegals into them for years. What about their children as well as the children of illegals. I am reminded of going around in front of my apartment complex, summoned by my Hispanic neighbor with three children, to see two large holes just about a foot above the beds in both of her bedroom windows facing the street. She also pointed out where numerous bullets had hit the walls the night before as drive by shooters drove by and sprayed our complex.
A lot of these shootings involved illegals. That's why I am for the law SB1020. Those neighborhoods were not safe for her children, my children, or the illegals' children. And I lived in that complex for 13 years and never stopped being terrorized there, and I know it has to be worse now, because more guns have been brought into these neighborhoods by drug traffickers, there are more violent home invasions by far, more kidnappings, more war fare.
These neighborhoods are never going to calm down without less inundation of illegals. I could leave, and a lot of Hispanics have left these neighborhoods. They don't want their children to grow up in such violence, and we can't blame them, but not all these people can leave. So life is not safe for many citizens in America because there are too many people from other countries to be absorbed into a 'better' life. Because they are illegal as little notice as possible has been taken of them, but when such activities are talked about there will be upset and disagreement and reaction. Still I see that as a better sign than just kicking the problem under the rug again which is what has happened so many times in Congress.

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Bill Pasdeaux said...

Let us be mindful that illegal aliens and illegal immigrants can be significantly different animals. All illegal immigrants are illegal aliens but not all illegal aliens are illegal immigrants. Aliens coming into Az to conduct criminal enterprises should not be seen as immigrants, and if apprehended should not be put onto a track of legal immigration or work status. Workers found to be here illegally should be made to follow the system... and a workable system should be in place before blaming them for not using it... not treated as felons, no matter how much it makes Arpaio look like a "good Lawman" or some self-styled Avenging Hand of Justice.
The relationship between gang violence and immigration is complex and somewhat non-linear. We should be mindful that many youthful gang members may be US citizens by virtue of their birth here to non-citizen parents.
What is worse about SB1070 (not sb1020, Gerry) is that it is an improper redundancy of proper Federal empowerment and AZ cannot afford to implement it.


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