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More Arizona border stories

I read an opinion today in the Arizona Republic written by a partner in the Babacomari Ranch property on the border that I think could well represent how a lot of us feel. Here it is:
"As a fourth-generation Arizonan living out of state I;m proud to see Arizona take a stand on immigration. I'm married to a Cuban-American and have three bilingual boys who celebrate their diverse background and Arizona heritage.
We have been staunch supporters of cross-border trade and immigration from Mexico for well over 100 years! What folks fail to realize is that rule of law matters and the days of open borders before 9/11 must end.
Our ranch in southern Arizona has been overrun with both illegal immigrants and drug runners since 2001. We found a dead drug spotter a half-mile from our head quarters in 2009. The spotter had very sophisticated equipment.
We must drastically expand our guest-worker programs and continue to treat our neighbors to the south with both dignity and respect. However, common sense dictates that the border must be secured.
The Arizona people I have known and loved have always possessed a great deal of common sense. We are a state of rugged individuals and entrepreneurial spirit that takes action when others continue to do nothing but talk about what to do.
Keep the pressure on the federal government to do its job. We all know what this political posturing is really about: a never-ending drug war and open borders.
--Matt Brody, Sonoita"

I too have deep ties in my family to the Mexican people with a grandson with Spanish and Indian blood from his mother's side as well as all the origins of the 'white' side from my son. My daughter from 20 years of living in a Mexican neighborhood is bilingual with many Mexican friends. She has worked with La Leche for many years, Breast Feeding for Hispanic Mothers, and hopes to make that her nursing specialty in the years to come. She had deep concerns about the upset the new Arizona law might bring to her friends. We have differed in our political views, but she focused on school while I focused on the neighborhood which was not safe for anybody's children. I would say that in all the older Mexican neighborhoods where there is cheap housing as well as possible relatives to help, illegals have been flooding in with violence as a result. These neighborhoods have been hit just as hard as the border properties with people who are trying to be a part of the drug trade, and they carry guns!
When you can pinpoint why there continues to be so much gun violence in these neighborhoods and more in recent years, then you know that life for them is not good either. And it is not going to change until the numbers of illegals and drug traffickers can be reduced.
I am afraid that most of the people who are so concerned about racial profiling and so on have not had to dodge bullets in recent years because of the influx. I see our Hispanic citizens as experiencing more relief than upset if our borders are brought under more control. Until they are, law breakers suspected of being illegals should be jailed with eventual deportation in mind in my opinion. I have read that in Yuma where illegals are being jailed, immigration in that sector has been considerably reduced. Jailing them for longer periods of time has worked. I am sure most have not considered that the criminal element in Mexico is bound to head north if there is more money to be made. I doubt if any Mexican president has missed them.
I stated that my reaction to Spanish becoming our second language in such a resounding way was tied to my knowledge of the flow of illegals that it took to require government agencies to take the step of printing everything in Spanish as well as English.
Until people can enter our country in a way that is less tied to the idea of illegal invasion, the Spanish language will continue to be greeted with unease by many. When is the violence going to end, many ask themselves. The defiance of the law. The creation of a Mex-Arizona. Without any of the advantages.
I can tell you many stories of violence and criminality I saw and heard on the west side, many of my neighbors involved with illegals helping them, sometimes being taken advantage of, and sometimes being shot by them.
I am for taking a much more vigorous approach to illegal drugs with the idea that their transport, sale, and consequent addictions can be reduced! Just as I think a more vigorous approach to alcohol addiction which is legal could be implemented. If you make it too easy for the drug traffickers to keep big shipments of drugs flowing north and guns flowing south, you are losing the war right there. Most law enforcement people can tell you what is needed, they have been trying to tell us all along if those who make the laws would just listen!
I would feel so frustrated on the west side because nobody seemed to care how much violence was going on in the those neighborhoods. And because I was an abortion protester and most of the big newspapers were liberal and pro choice, they would not print my letters.
I can't understand a democratic party that is supposed to pay particular attention to minority rights going pro choice completely ignoring the rights of the fetus to have a safe passage way from conception to birth. Now that is cruel! And to me not logical. As if a fetus could not feel pain when attacked just because the one performing the abortion doesn't want to think so.
So as far as I am concerned the democratic party is not immune to falling into a trap of bad thinking. For me, President Bush let everyone down when he allowed his emotions to overcome common sense when it came to starting the Iraq war. What, bombing the place to smithereens to bring a democratic way of life to these poor people? After the bombs, they would shake the hands of their 'liberators' so went President Bush's logic. Well, we are still trying to stop all the individual bombing attacks and get that country settled down so we dare leave it after an extremely expensive war caused by a President who did not think through what he was doing.
But the democratic party now in power has still yet to see some of the gigantic errors of their thinking engendered by the sudden fait accompli of legalized abortion. Now according to them, we can't get along without it. Well, it would be extremely hard after getting everyone used to making use of the abortion clinic in a bind. Well, then that caused them to have to pronounce God is dead, at least should be in government. We have to get religion out of state, its our worst enemy to logic. So what does that say to the Mormons and the Catholics whose religion is entwined in everything they do.
What we have now is the superior liberal who implies that anyone who doesn't agree with him or her is stupid. I am a big book reader but I became a stupid pro life believer in comparison to the most ignorant liberal who was pro choice. Because intelligence it is implied is the ability to see that pro choice is necessary.
I don't object to religion, I object to the illogical in religion such as in the Mormon religion where it is claimed that nobody on this earth will be able to enter heaven without being baptized a Mormon! This belief was preached even back when Mormons were polygamists. It would take a real act of God to take this one off the books. When religions need to change they can't. Mormons would still be polygamists if the US government had not said they could not be a state or even a legal territory and practice polygamy!
I am against the illogical thinking tied to legalized abortion as well. The democrats have championed the killing necessary for an abortion showing they can be mighty heartless when they think they are right just like a bunch of other people who think they are right when they might be wrong. They have been perfectly willing to try to do away with any religious belief that opposes legalized abortion.
I think that a belief in a higher power is one of the strongest means there is to conquer addiction, but the democrats have killed a belief in a higher power along with the right to life from conception, they don't care if this has proved to be one of the most successful therapies for alcoholics and drug addicts there is, Alcoholics Anonymous. Not even for them, will democrats take back God. So we have got a bunch of democrats who are now godless, it is any wonder we don't trust them? In bed with the lobbyists of Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the nation.
I say that we must bring a spiritual element into the war on drugs and alcohol, that trying to destroy that concept so legalized abortion could fly, also did a great deal of harm to our young people's ability to fight drug and alcohol addiction. We not only harm the fetus with a belief in legalized killing of the fetus, but we harm everyone's belief in a higher power that in the final analysis can help a great many people whip drug and alcohol addiction, has already helped many people who continue to believe and use a higher power to stay clean and sober.
Oh, but do you think the typical democratic liberal would admit he or she could ever be wrong about anything? Not in this day and age. A bunch more arrogant and stubborn people we have not had trying to take over in a long time. As far as a belief in outright killing goes, this the worst bunch ever!
The Arizona Republic still won't print my letters. I am too much of a fanatic for them. The liberals have figured if they can control the media they will eventually win, but they have underestimated the good sense of many of the American people. If they try to control everyone's mind and thinking through the newspaper then people just don't read the editorial pages, or they do like I do, read with a grain of salt.
Legalized abortion did not change my belief in a higher power. To me God and legalized abortion are not on the same page. Anybody with any sense knows they are not. But if they have killed their belief in a higher power that won't accept killing, they are not letting that still small voice through. Man will never be able to discover everything. There will always be some mysteries unseen but still real. Our own sense of logic and common sense has to deduce some of these.
Women have always been taught to protect their young until in 1973 women were no longer to be taught this belief. According to the powers that be. Which is why I believe Roe and Wade must be overturned in order to resurrect the stronger belief in a higher power that will save the fetus as well as many of our young now addicted to drugs, alcohol, and endless violence. We have been teaching our young with legalized abortion not to believe in a God. So what has come to pass with that kind of teaching? More and more violence. Less and less ability to control it. More and more drugs. More and more lawlessness. This has been the glamorous age of the outlaw. Romanticizing drugs and danger.
Until we have had had enough and can pinpoint the cause of a crumbling society where addiction rules, nothing significant is really going to change. We need spiritual reformation in a big way!

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