Friday, June 11, 2010

Angelina and I lunch at nearby Chinese Restaurant

We had a very good lunch to a Chinese restaurant I can see from my apartment. She brought me flowers for my hats I had arranged to buy from her some time ago. I love the way they change a hat. We caught up on all kinds of things before we parted, she to go home to her little kids, Carlo and Bella Rosa. My grandson and her son, Dante, is living in Calif. and going to school. He will have a birthday at the end of this month, so we talked about that. She promises to call with his address so I can send him a card. I love getting together with Angelina as she is a kind and lively girl. We also talk on Facebook! I will put these photos of her up there. Angelina said she likes the videos Doc and I make for You tube, so she is a dear girl for that. She is trying to lose weight so she will probably appreciate the last one for the women with beefy arms, only her arms and legs are very slender. She is not built like a sausage.

I spent some time this morning sending off some books I purchased on a trip to Borders yesterday. I had such a great outing over there. I bought "A Sudden Shot" for my sister Linda for her birthday since she lived here then and agonized over these two serial killers terrorizing Phoenix in 2006. I bought a book I could not resist called "The Soul of a Dog" about a man and his border collie Rose, other dogs and animals inhabiting his small farm. He says he could not handle this farm without Rose, especially in the winter back east. I can remember how my dad said he could not get along without a cow dog that could learn sic 'em. (which means he runs and nips the calf to turn it back into the herd saving a man on a horse considerable chasing) He tried to teach a number of dogs sic 'em which they just could not learn. Finally he acquired Sox who was part Australian Shepherd and he was the ranch cow dog for a number of years after wards because he learned sic 'em very well.
I loved the book which touched me, reminding me of all the farm animals I had known and loved. Since Raymond is very busy I decided to send it to my sister Ann who did a lot of farm work and she can send it on to him. I also bought a pocketbook of quotations to send to Amrita in India who writes the blog Yesu Gardens. She has been having a rough time lately with the heat in India coming on strong just like it does here, only their air conditioning is not as reliable as mine is. Amrita said she would like a book of quotations a long time ago when I was sending her a few books.
I got an urge to do karaoke which I get every now and then which is strange for a woman who can't sing but owns a karaoke machine. I found the Ace karaoke company on line with a sale on Christmas ones so I must see if I can talk Doc into buying early since he is the one who can carry a tune supposedly. He ought to be able to as much music as he listens to. I also want to find some funny country western as his karoake videos are his most popular.
He called for me to come down and see something, so now I am curious and must go!


Connie said...

hmmmmmmmmmm now you got me curious--I gotta know---what did you see???
Maybe he got a can only hope,LOL

salemslot9 said...

what did you
order at the
I love egg rolls

Gerry said...

Connie, he wanted to show me that he shaved all the grizzle off his face. One of these days he will suddenly cut his hair if I know him.
and Salem's Lot: I had pepper steak, broccoli and rice, but they have the most delicious egg rolls there. I have tried them.

Amrita said...

First of all let me thank you for sending me the book of quotes Gerry, I will tell you when I get it. It will take about 10 days to arrive I think.
I like reading quotes from wise, witty and intelligent people.

Good to read about you time out with Angelina. She is a pretty woman. I like her dress and sandals. You look very nice.The hats suit you well.

Paula said...

Angelina is a very pretty lady. I'm sure the two of you enjoyed your "get together". said...

Sounds like you and Angelina had a great lunch! You probably had fun catching up. She looks very pretty still! Tell her I said so.

LaRena said...

I was impressed with how truly beautiful Angeling looks in this pictures. You are quite the photographer now a days. Glad you can have a good relationship with Angelina. I have always thought she is quite an exceptional girl.


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