Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doc is still sober but how long can that possibly last?

I did access his brother's spirit from the other world and talked to him a long time tonight, the first time ever I have accessed a spirit from his world. So he must be close to death. Or his brother would not be coming in so strong. This is a brother just younger than Doc who died when he was about six years old of leukemia. He said I have so many beautiful places to show Doc when he comes, so much beautiful music for him to listen to. He then talked quite a long time about how mentally ill his mother was after death and that it took him and others years to bring her out of her blankness. He said it was caused from being so limited in her life experiences by poverty and fear of the outside world. He said her world was too small so it stunted her growth and in the other world they were a long time getting her to developing and growing again. He said that Doc's state of mind drunk very closely resembled his mother's mental illness which he must have felt comfortable in recreating her in himself, only he had to be intoxicated to do it. He said Doc has unconsciously created the limitation of her mind and personality with alcohol that she had due to other causes, the narrow world she lived in, not having a job and enough to do, losing one son causing her to be too fearful with the other one so she clipped his wings and would not let him fly either until she had caused some permanent damage in his personality. I know she so feared novacaine that she would not allow the dentists to give Doc any so he had to have any work done on his teeth without numbing them. So now he won't go to the dentist at all and have any work done unless one gets infected and then he just has them pull it.
A lot of early experiences like that can come back to haunt that person when they are old affecting the way they act years later. Strange.
I do think now of Doc enjoying heavenly music more than anyone I know, great music, symphonies which I always associate with Doc because of all the music he listens to. He must have gone through quite an ordeal forcing him to sober up. He acts like it. He is pretty subdued.
That is about all I done done today, just spending some time with him, keeping an eye on him to see if he is recovering okay. This morning we watched Sunrise from an elk reserve in California and then we watched three men whose boat wrecked slowly come very close to death, one of them did die before a fisherman came into range enough so they could attract his attention from this rocky island in Baja, California called Guardian Angel Island. What a name for such a barren place, but two of them did get rescued. So guess their Guardian Angels did get help to them in time. It must be hard to be the guardian angel of someone like Doc which his brother sounded like he had been for many years. He probably kept close watch over him the years he was homeless. Those can be very dangerous years. I have seen how rough that can be on some of the homeless I have known.
Doc's brother of course said that he was grateful for my attention to Doc and recognizing that there is mental illness in alcoholism that takes attention to cure. He said that to bring his mother out of hers he had to visit her each day and pay a great deal of attention to her as Doc's father was no longer able to do it. I hope my own father is well enough for me to be able to talk to him someday. I have not been able to do it since he died, except for very brief moments. I knew he was very mentally ill during the last two years of his life.
My mother broke in last night and wanted to talk. She wanted to come and tell how it is to be locked up in a body affected by Alzheimer and stroke damage which she was for five years unable to say more than a word or two. She mentioned how she just had to be patient until death came so she could be released from this body. She said she noticed in a vague way that we daughters did not seem to mind that she was silent in fact enjoyed it. So she got the idea we were glad to have her stop saying some of the violent threatening things she did before she fell silent. She got the idea that she was more comforting silent so she said that made her able to stand being like that until she got old enough her body just quit and she could get released from her prison.
I always knew that I would talk to more and more spirits before I ever took off for departure. I have noted that any time people have near death experiences they transform and are able to connect to spirits better. So now I am having spirits visit almost daily.
I went to visit the man who was shot by the serial killer, well a pair of them who shot about 33 people and animals. Dale Hausner shot horses and dogs before he started on people. I could feel Paul so close to the other world as he is paralyzed and having some seizures. But he is calm and resigned with a good attitude. They have moved to one of the nicest apartments in the Westward Ho in my opinion. I just loved it. I think they will be happier there and the manager was very nice to see that he and his mother, his caretaker, moved into it. His sister came with his beloved dog. I could see a lot of love expressed by this little dog, part dachsund and part chiwawa (I give up spelling that word right). You know what I mean. Paul said he just feels so much better when this little dog is lying beside him. Paul is about 50 now.
Somehow that visit was quite comforting to me as I feel Paul and his mother are very strong people, very close to the spirit world who will be able to testify as to its reality by the life they are leading. He said he is very close to law enforcement, too. His mother talked with great sadness about the young Phoenix police officer just killed. As with soldiers there is always the possibility of a policeman getting shot any day any time. It was up to the police to try to find these serial killers and I thought working with all the tips they got they accomplished a miracle to find them as soon as they did. Sometimes a serial killer goes on for years taking victims. Violent crime takes such a toll of society.
Doc and I watched a very sad case today where a young girl wrongly identified her uncle as the killer of her grandmother and who also raped her. Based on her eye witness testimony at the age of 6 I think the uncle was convicted and spent 7 years behind bars before his wife was able to track down enough DNA and enough suspects he was cleared and somebody else was found to be the perpetrator. The rapist-killer lived right next door to the grandmother and was a convicted sex offender just out of prison. But it was so sad that an innocent man had to pay for this crime with so many years of his life which wrecked his marriage even though his wife was solely responsible for finding the evidence to free him. Doc has gotten as interested in these true life stories as I have, especially when they are taking place around us on a regular basis. I went to hear some of Paul's story which was just as sad.
Paul said he actually thought about the danger of the serial killers when he decided to walk to the all night market for cigarettes. Then he dismissed the idea and went anyway. As fate would have it, Dale Hausner drove by and targeted him as his next victim, but told his partner to pull the trigger which he did. And another life was shattered.
The world can be a sad difficult place indeed, but life goes on, and people somewhat recover even the victim of such a violent crime, at least for a while until death claims him for good.

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That is amazing that Doc has sobered up. Do you think it will last? Interesting entry on his family.

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I'll keep Doc in my prayers that he stays sober as long as possible. I love that picture of you two.


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