Saturday, June 19, 2010

The buses that never came!

I had to go to Walgreen's to pick up my meds this morning as I was not able to take one of my pills because I was out, so could not wait. I sat on the bus bench where I was joined in a half an hour by Jack, another Westward Ho senior. The bus had not come after an hour. I finally noticed a bus going north on a street west of the Westward Ho and began to think something was amiss. Another disabled resident joined us after some more time passed and I said no buses have gone that I have seen. What could have happened to all the buses??? So she called Metro Transit and was informed that early that morning all buses going up Central had been rerouted. We were told we would have to walk up to Roosevelt to catch the fast transit or 0 or to 7th street to pick up that bus.
Old Jack took off on a slow shuffle to walk the seven blocks to 7th street, while the other lady and I trudged north, caught the fast transit and then transferred to 17 going east on McDowell and to Walgreen's.
Two hours later than I was expected I finally shuffled into Doc's who said he read in the paper after I was gone that a large sign was being installed on a tall building across from the terminal and with helicopters buzzing around it the buses had to be rerouted as precaution. I read the paper before leaving but just did not read that! So he guessed what had caused my delay.
I had to stagger home and take a nap before I could make it over to the Farmer's Market store. The outside market was long gone, but the inside one complete with big sunflowers for sale was open. I purchased a large container of maple yogurt and
milk and fresh cherries and here I am ready now to complete the day inside.
One more of life's little adventures that gives us something to talk about. All that walking around just as it was getting hot was probably good for us as long as it did not kill us!


salemslot9 said...

my John went
to his folks today
they have a
cherry tree
he's going to
bring some home

Gerry said...

Those Queen Anne cherries I bought were absolutely divine! said...

That makes life a little more difficult to get around...are the buses permenantly changed? You will have to get early to pick up meds!

Jeanie said...

What a shame you all had to walk an extra distance from normal Gerry!
At least you got home ALIVE! lol

I parked my car up in our village yesterday and did some shopping at the post office thrn our Co-oP store. I came out and set off in the direction I thought my car was in and ended up walking round the block until I found it again.
I was away with the fairies. hahaha! I hadn't a clue where I had left it. What a daft twit I felt. One has to laugh though...yes?
Glad you made it home safe if tired out.
Jeanie xx
Thank you for calling by my blog.
I appreciate your input. xx

Amrita said...

Sorry you had to walk all that way. I hate to depend on public transport. I wish I was fit to drive, life you whave been musch easier.

Myple yogurt sounds good. We ge plain and sweet yogurt here and flavour it with what we like.


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