Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My old alcoholic BF sings Anytime for me karaoke style

Well, Doc and I finally launched off our new season of singing after receiving our 200 classic country and Christmas karaoke songs. I hope to persuade Doc to do most of the singing while I do the acting. I also picked out the songs. They still have him cussing and wondering what made him do it. I told him he won't sing jazz either, so I had to light a fire under him. I don't think this first video is half bad because he found a way to be Doc and I found a way to be me and we got through three old country western songs, including Anytime which I probably heard my first husband Dean sing more than any other besides Cheatin' Heart which I think now was also a message to me. I didn't realize it at the time since I was spending my precious time with him not with somebody else. He was too mean a drunk for me to stay with too long beautiful singer or not. Doc is not mean but he is still a boozehound.


vooman's voice said...

I can hear that voice under all that making fun and I am waiting to hear the straight stuff after you get cowboy under you belt. I would love to hear you sing some of the songs that you love. said...

If you two can have that much fun with three songs, just think of what you can do with 300! You can laugh until Christmas and beyond.
I enjoyed all the jokes and the singing too. Hey Doc, you might discover you can create funny sad
ridicously heartbreaking cowboy songs. And Gerry can just laugh and enjoy! said...

Gerry, how did you manage to find such a slim, trim Cowboy and post this huge photo? It's a winner!


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