Saturday, June 26, 2010

I did make Farmer's Market chicken soup today thinking of my ailing granddaughter, Laura Lynne

I found out that my beautiful granddaughter Laura (in photo with her baby) had to have a hysterectomy yesterday because of severe endometriosis even though she is still in her early thirties. I felt bad all day to think she had to undergo this kind of surgery so early in her young life, but thank goodness she was able to have two children, now 1 and 2, after trying a number of years. I can understand now why conceiving was hard for her.
I have not lived around this granddaughter for years as her mother moved to Flagstaff after hers and my son's divorce. Her sister lived up there. She seems to have been happy with her move, but that meant I would rarely see my son Gary's two girls.
Gary did take me to Laura's beautiful wedding. I will never forget what a gorgeous bride she was. And she has always seemed so happy with her young husband. He loves to camp and hunt and fish, so they have enjoyed the woods up around Flagstaff. At the wedding I learned that Laura's in-laws are avid horse people, so maybe Laura has ridden some of those horse trails around Flagstaff just like the young girl in my header photo (made by Connie). When her daughter was born, my great granddaughter, I bought her the cutest little snuggle blanket knitted by a woman over to the Farmer's Market. I thought the little girl, Kerynn, would like a little blanket of her own up in the cool Flagstaff country. I gave the little boy, Wyatt, a purple tye dye shirt from Farmer's Market. I gave the little girl a tye dye purple dress, too. Farmer's Market provides me with the kind of gifts I like to give!
I talked to Gary who said the surgery went well and she will be coming home after two more days in the hospital. That is fast! I had a caesarian so I know about how she feels. That was not fun! All the other mothers relieved and happy after birth and me still in pain. I had some complications so had to stay in the hospital 7 days.
I will be so glad to hear from Laura that she is well on the road to recovery. She tends children in her home while her husband is away working construction. She has loved being able to stay home with her own children by taking care of someone else's. She loves children, and is a gentle soul, so she would be an ideal baby sitter. Anyway I am hoping to see a message from her up on Facebook soon!
The chicken soup was delicious, the best chicken ever, raised the organic way, and all the vegetables are organic, too. I made chicken rice soup and put a little too much rice in it, but it was still very good. I had enough to freeze a nice big container and to give a container to Doc. I was thinking of Laura as I made it, and hope someone gives her something good to eat after she comes home!


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings to you as you read this. Thanks for sharing. It is never easy for a woman to undergo such a surgery the good thing is she has her health and the joy and love of her family.

Have a good week

Zimbabwe said...

I wish Your granddaughter lots of health and God's blessinngs. I heard about endometriosis, but I didn't know that it is so cruel illness. Best wishes for all.

Amrita said...

Lovely photo of mother and baby. I hope Laura is revovering well. said...

I, too, hope Laura is on her way to recovery. I know she dotes on her two little ones. It would be fun to see them all again. Let us know how she does.

salemslot9 said...

your soup sounds tasty
what kind of
vegetables do you use?
I remember when
you mentioned that
little dress in the past

vooman's voice said...

Sorry to hear about Laura Lynn. I hope she is recovering and feeling better by now.


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