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Touching moment in a Tea Party rally when a speaker talks about keeping God in our country's thoughts

This video touched me as I was thinking about the most difficult volunteer work I have ever done which is protest legalized abortion for years as a pro life believer. It is still the most difficult subject I ever write about. This veteran in this video I am sure experienced some moments of danger when he thought he was going home to his God on the battlefield which comes across in his response to the speaker by singing our country's national anthem. The left is trying to demonize the tea party movement, implying it has roots of violence in it and racism, but has never acknowledged that legalized abortion meant a turning away from God and the values of many Christian religions that was unprecedented.

I was always very fascinated with the stories of thinkers who may have spent years contemplating the nature of God in retreats, monasteries, or nunneries. There are many places where people have gone to do this work. And until Roe vs Wade it was common for newspapers to do stories on religious thinkers and movements. Respected thinkers like Paul Tillich and others would write articles for newspapers. It was a different kind of society not divided into pro choice and pro life factions that disagreed with each other to the point that pro life thinkers were pushed out of representation in the newspapers as much as possible by the controlling pro choice faction.
So it has taken quite a long time for people to take in what has happened and to try to decide how to 'take the country back.' Actually it is the left which has supported a violent solution while not above accusing the right of being the party of violence. Directly contradicting what the democratic party has come to stand for as the pro choice party. I became very alarmed when I saw a video on You tube claiming that Obama was going to be responsible for 7 million deaths during his tenure of office, which I found out meant the amount of abortions expected to be performed in this country with the democrat pro choice faction determined to make abortion rights untouchable with Obama's promise to help them do it. It seems that the health care plan including abortion funding was one of the ways they were going to do it. A pro life republican faction and some pro life democrats forced Obama to promise that he as president would issue an executive order that would exclude abortion funding if the pro life democrat Stupak and others would sign it. So they did. Now we will see if he keeps his promise.
But since I believe that we all survive death, I also believe that aborted children will survive death which paints a staggering picture of the numbers of children that must be cared for like orphans of a holocaust which they are. To me, it is no wonder that every morning when I prayed and asked what my creator needed me to do he said protest abortion. This was a thankless job for years. Nobody was going to reward me for it. It would not pay. In those years all the writers who went pro choice and echoed the new philosophy that justifies legalized abortion would make money. They would keep their jobs, get books published. I could not get books published because I would protest abortion in them. Talk show hosts in order to stay popular dropped the subject of abortion from their shows, and if they did not openly go pro choice they kept silent about the way the country had gone.
Their silence was not strong enough. Nothing would change with them ignoring it. Even churches like the Mormon one had trouble expressing strong enough protests about abortion to make any difference. The Catholic Church as it had done for centuries continued to be the strongest church voice speaking out against abortion in our land. I have seen some very powerful messages sent out by the Catholic church to the public at large.
I have not affiliated myself with any church just because I thought their responses to this weakening of our moral fiber at the core, in a mother's protection of her fetus in the womb, was not strong enough, that I could do more independently than I could affiliated. Even though I am always supportive of any church's efforts to work on this issue. I had to decide how I thought I could be the most effective.
Protesting did not make me popular in my family. My sister remained pro choice up until her death of ovarian cancer at 51 which I thought would continue to affect her daughters. I clashed with another sister, a nurse, who opened a clinic under Planned Parenthood in Utah. She felt that she was in the clear on abortion because her clinic would not be performing abortions, but Planned Parenthood's prosperity came from their abortion clinics, not from the clinics that just did other procedures. The fees charged for abortion is what made this provider a multi-million dollar business.
Just recently in a fight I had with this sister she accused me of being a frivolous person who did not care about making money, but just spending it (my father's inheritance) and my kids knew that I could not help them with money because I did not make any. I have said that I had hoped to make money as a writer, but legalized abortion intervened in 1973. I was penalized over and over for my pro life beliefs and for writing constant letters of protest to the papers over the abortion propaganda they were printing. I could not get my plays produced because I was soon regarded as a fanatic in a theater world gone pro choice. I had clashes with other playwrights over my reviews of pro choice plays.
I wrote volumes of protests on the issue of legalized abortion, copies of which I saved, knowing very well that the newspaper would not print any of them! They printed letters from the head of Planned Parenthood in Arizona, who became the National Head still sending them letters, and they printed letters from her successor in Arizona, and a number of letters from the leading abortion doctor, Dr. Finley, up until he was charged for molesting women who came for abortions in his clinic and sent to prison. But I was too fanatical ever to be printed, as I still am today in that newspaper. An old staff writer has still been retained by the Republic after they sold to Garnett who would now see I never got printed. But I could only be printed anyway on a limited basis so I don't let that bother me now I have outlets elsewhere in my blog and on You Tube. For the record only one letter of mine has ever been printed in the Arizona Republic in 35 years of protest letters.
I still talk about the Republic often in which I still get news reports as well as on the Internet.
But my sister's accusation about my frivolous personality and inability to make money did not set well especially since she has made her money the last ten years before retirement in a Planned Parenthood Clinic. She would get upset because she would be picketed every year by protesters of legalized abortion, saying, I don't know why my clinic is being picketed, I don't do abortions. (Mormons don't believe in abortion) but it was the name Planned Parenthood that was being picketed, and because she wasn't fussy bout operating under their banner she got picketed, too, I thought rightfully so. Had she been providing abortions which are not provided at too many clinics in Utah, she would probably have been picketed daily by some protesters.
I thought I could be more effective as a protest writer than walking a picket line at an abortion clinic, so I chose the writers way to protest. The pro choice faction had to read my letters or recognize my name to reject them, which was as far as many protest letters started to get after the initial flurry of protest letters were printed for a few years following Roe vs Wade.
I think if my sister had really wanted to protest abortion, she should have gotten out of that clinic and figured out how she as a nurse could fight for the cause, but I felt she did not want to go into the problem deep enough to do that. So she remained a quasi-protester, not really strong in what she was saying because she was not backing it up in action. And she made money that she is now criticizing me for not making.
My writing is permeated with pro life beliefs. I stand by them. If I had to live in poverty for years over them, so be it. I would not profit by going pro choice to the slightest degree, because that is what helps keep legalized abortion going. Every person who decides to go along even if they don't believe in it.
We have seen God disappear from our lives in America by the Supreme Court deciding to legalize abortion. We know very well God is not going to be with us on this one. The pro choice faction claims we have to have the legalized killing abortion entails to survive in a crowded world. Every country has it. Somehow or another this has become something akin to saving the whale and the polar bear, going green, go abortion. How that got into the mix is a wonder to me but shows how people can justify whatever they want to justify if they are hung up enough on certain solutions. And the left certainly got hung up on abortion.
It was really going to take some undoing of what a leftist Supreme Court did in making it a fait accompli over night. Those who tended to think that way then jumped on it to protect this decision, and so they have done that for 35 years, which has essentially divided our country into those who do not believe God sanctions abortion and those who are willing to diminish the importance of God, or the idea of God, to protect abortion rights.
The decision about whether there is just cause to go to war has been disputed, but both sides have generally come to agreement that there must be compelling reasons, and if the reasons were not compelling enough as in the Iraqi war both sides have lost their enthusiasm and belief in the cause and faith in the President that led them into this war. God is not going to be on our side unless we have been attacked and must fight to keep evil from engulfing the world. We have participated in those wars. But this is not the case with the fetus, an innocent victim who does not deserve to die for just about any reason as is legal in this country now. How can that be right? I would rather we all went down together in an overcrowded world instead of singling out the fetus as a less painful way to us to do population control.
You may wonder when I will ever come to the end of writing on this subject. When Roe vs Wade is overturned. Remember I have 35 years of suppressed writing on this subject in my file cabinet, time enough to form many thoughts about the attack on human life at the beginning to 'save' our world so we can have a better standard of living. Yes!

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