Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Karaoke on the way has cheered me up!

While Doc was recovering yesterday from a mini binge the night before he was feeling guilty so I was able to take advantage and get him to agree to buy 200 karaoke songs in 2 packs of Country Classics and Christmas Songs. There is nothing like starting early to practice Christmas caroling. Besides I lost my fun Christmas karaoke disc with songs on it like Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. (I like any song with Grandma in it) I have looked for it for years, but finally decided it was lost forever. The only pack I found on Ace Karaoke with that song included cost $70. I did not think in good conscience I could ask Doc to buy it, but the more disgusted I got, the more I lost any such scruples. To my surprise he agreed. I also said I had to have another 100 song pack with Milk Cow Blues on it which I don't have. I often have the Milk Cow Blues, so I asked him if he would buy that one, too. To my surprise he felt sorry for anyone who has Milk Cow Blues and agreed. This will be dedicated to all the women out there who had to milk cows as a girl and men, too. It just doesn't seem like people keep milk cows like they used to. They have got lazy. Kids don't even know milk comes from cows and sometimes it used to get manure in it, too. Especially when kids were milking.
I became desperate to keep Doc doing anything that might inspire him to give up some of these killing binges of his. Accordingly I resurrected this karaoke video for my blog today we did last Christmas with him still trying to sing a David Allen Coe song and get it right. It was listed on Youtube under David Allen Coe singing his own song with a bunch more wannabees and Doc's actually had 347 hits on it, which is a huge success for him, since some of his slower videos only get about 5 hits.
Today he was made happy by one of his step children actually asking to be friends with him on Facebook. She was one he actually tried to raise for 13 years or so. He did not get to raise his own children so settled for helping raise other people's kids. He claims he did not drink then like he does now.
I found out today by looking at some of her photo albums with Doc that Christine is a swing dancer just like my daughter. She had a bunch of photos on her blog showing her out dancing. Doc claimed she was better looking than my daughter. I said, uh uh, my daughter is very good looking, but so is Christine. I am glad to have Christine back in Doc's life (on Facebook). She never knew who her father was. She was also wearing a red Georgie Girl Cap just like mine! She is still slim and beautiful in her thirties. My daughter Ronda is 41. If she came out to Phoenix my daughter would take her to to her west coast swing dance club!


salemslot9 said...

I hope it
will be a
good experience for
Doc reuniting with
his step~daughter

Have Myelin? said...

I hope one day I see my stepchildren but I doubt that will happen. I'm glad it happened for Doc. =)


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