Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dante and the Pink Guitar! He's coming home in two weeks!

Trust Dante to see that a dramatic photo was taken of him with the pink guitar. He is taking lessons, but he is always the showman. I am getting a charge out of the bits of philosophy and quotes he is posting on Facebook. Here is one today: "Dante Hitt: There are only two places in the world where time takes precedence over the job to be done: school and prison." That could make a grandma scratch her gray locks.
I told him to get ready to make a video as he wrote he is coming home in a couple of weeks. It is summer and he probably decided he needed to spend some time in Phoenix before going back to school. His dad Dan is up in Utah working hard and helping his cousins get ready for the Boulder Heritage Festival in July. He is walking a couple of miles to work as he could not get his motorcycle up there, so he should be nice and trim by September. Dante said we ought to take in a movie, and my computer has started to tremble and shake at the very mention of Dante coming near. I will tell him his dad is gone and would not be able to restore what he did to it, so he better be very careful! Computers have a great overwhelming fascination for him.
It is finally getting hot enough for me in Phoenix to go into the pool. Just a few more days! I will have to tell Dante so he can come over and swim. I will need to pick up an extra pair of bathing trunks for him at the thrift store.
Raymond just wrote a charming blog (Cowboys and Bohemians) post about his "Dog Gymnast", Baby. Trust Raymond to teach his dog to turn somersaults. He also catches us up on the trials and triumphs of trying to 'make it' in this world. He doesn't know if he will get to work on a movie or not, but will have to wait until fall to find out. In the meantime, he is singing and playing for his supper everywhere he can.
I am sure he will relate to Doc and me setting out to practice karaoke now until Christmas. We plan to make a few videos of the grizzled reluctant country singer and his country bumpkin GF who insists on him singing what he regards as lousy country ditties he cannot believe are songs. Yesterday he discovered Loretta Lynne's hit song back when called "I just stepped in from seeing you steppin' out on me." I assured him that was a valid country song, yes! Give me the day when I could sing as well as Loretta Lynne. But I am still tryin'.

Don't you love this butterfly header Connie sent me? Down on Doc's computer it looks great out on the road with green on either side which doesn't show up on my little bitty monitor.


Jeanie said...

Your Dante is turning into a fine looking youg man! He is going to be a heart throb to all the girls.
I love your butterfly picture. It shows up wonderfully well on my laptop.
Talking of computers...hide yours when Dante comes. It's your lifeline for your writings.
Let him play on Doc's. lol
Jeanie xx

Amrita said...

Your new header is eye capturing and the nice background too.

Ph my Dante looks like a rocking hero...very KOOL!

LaRena said...

It will be so fun for you to have Dante to swim with, and go to movies together. All sounds fun except the computer jitters. i think Jeanie right, you should hide it. Every-time anyone visits me it takes a week to get it back where I want it. The more they know about computers the harder it is for this tech illiterate to get straightened out. Except for Randy, he makes sure to leave it exactly like I want it.


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