Friday, June 25, 2010

I got to sing karaoke on Doc's channel today

Getting to sing with the big boys (the guys who can sing) is what I always wanted to do just like I wanted to ride horses and punch cows with the real cowboys. (as my header by Connie suggests I got to do) Most of my early singing BFs and husbands never even thought of letting me sing. Pierre who was close to sixty when I met him first started letting me sing but he wasn't able to give me much confidence because he did not have a whole lot having learned to sing country mostly just by having the country western station on all the time. But I did end up singing to a few of the karaoke Westward Ho parties he was responsible for, but I was scared to death and never had any fun with it.
But after all what is karaoke for but to encourage everyone to try to have fun singing? So I kept buying karaoke discs.
Doc sneered at country western for the first few years of our relationship so I was not able to get past that to the fun. But finally he realized we can just ACT like a country western karaoke singing couple even if we aren't one.
My son Raymond is going to be singing with the band he got together and named "Out on Bond" this Saturday night in his dad's hometown. Doc wrote and told him he should have named his band "Jack: we're Mormons!" Raymond and his cousins advertised their singing group after Raymond drove all the way to Utah to sing to an old cowboy's funeral, "We put the fun in funerals" Raymond is going to be singing in a bar but he is not going to be drinking. That should be interesting. I got so I never drank a drop of alcohol in bars. I tried to set an example to my sons while still having fun. My philosophy was we had to take singing back from the beer companies!
I am going to embed the video we made this morning in my blog, then I will go down and put it in Rick n Doc Emde's blog. Doc is a lot of fun. In fact I think that has been his downfall just like the song says. He liked to have fun so much he spent way too many hours in bars and ended up an alcoholic, supporting the business. That's the story of most alcoholics. They are basically fun loving guys who got hooked on what pays the bills in the bars (they like to make you feel guilty for not drinking as fast as you can).
I will never forget when my mother who hated my dad's drinking started selling beer in her store because she said the profits were so good. In fact, up in Escalante, I always thought it was funny that the Bishop ended up running the liquor store in town, because when he sold his retail business he and his wife decided to retain the liquor store to earn a little bit of extra money while retired! People seemed to accept it, but my dad had a fit over my mother's fall into selling beer. Guess he expected the women to stay pure. My mother gradually starting letting the guys drink on the premises even though that was supposed to be against the law. She didn't have a bar license. She had put in a couple of booths so people could come in and visit in her old fashioned country store. Now it was like a combination bar and country store, so we five girls spent our teen years selling beer to guys who loved to hang around our store and party with the King sisters, only my mother didn't drink the beer and neither did we so that usually kept the party from gettin' too wild. My mother did not have to drink to turn into a very rebellious wife. My dad just made her too angry while she was stuck home having five kids.
We sure did get to be fun loving bar tenders and were undoubtedly the talk of the country side, courtesy of our mother. I thought it served my dad right because the pool hall where he always went didn't really welcome women so the men could give the women the slip.
Now she was going to get even, as I do in my song today, "I just stepped in from catching you steppin out on me". That song could have been the story of my mother and dad's married life. Only my dad stepped out in a way my mother never imagined, but there was no mistaking her intentions to get even with her beer selling.
Then they would meet at home and fight about it.
When my dad built his last home, he designated one big room the pool room and bought a pool table, and that is where I started to play pool. I met a guy just before he died who sang all night the first time we went out, and then he proceeded to teach me how to play pool, a game I tried to master I loved so much. Guess I took after old dad. I broke the no women barrier when I played pool in the Escalante pool hall where my dad hung out.
Anyway, that guy named Ron became my second husband and the father of my two younger kids, Ronda, my dancer, and Dan, the basketball player. Ron spent his life on the road driving 18 wheelers. We soon parted so the kids hardly ever knew him, but he was a fun loving guy in the days I knew him, partying his way all across the US. And always singing to his CB radio. Why, he sang me songs I had never even heard of. He could imitate a lot of singers, including Johnny Mathis, Earnest Tubbs, and a bunch of other country western singers. He was really good on Johnny Mathis songs, sounded just like him. That voice really got me. Which is why I had two kids by him. He was also the picture of grace dancing on roller skates or ice skates. He grew up on skates. Ronda inherited her grace dancing the west coast swing from him.
So I have always loved fun loving guys, but if any violence started, especially after I was divorced from my first husband because of his behavior when drinking, I would invite that man right back out the door.
These old guys like Doc aren't too violent while drinking but I still won't ever live with him just in case. I keep myself independent and go home when the fun loving guy gets drunk.

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Sing away you guys - June 25th was Micheal Jackson 's first death anniversary


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