Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stand with Arizona Part 1-2-6 filmed in Tempe, even Sheriff Arpaio in a good mood for a change

Here is a video, part 1, filmed at the Diablo Stadium in Tempe, with a particularly affecting speech from law enforcement citing 12 Phoenix police officers shot by illegals, 6 of whom died.

Thought you just as well see some of these videos filmed with those who Stand by Arizona explaining why they are doing so. I thought this last speaker in the following video made a good point about critics of SB1070 worrying about hurting the feelings of the law breakers. He made me laugh when he said that is like calling the drug traffickers Desert Pharmacists!

And this rally would not be complete without imput from our notoriously famous Sheriff Arpaio who seems to be in a good mood, about the best I have ever seen him in one of these videos! He's actually not too bad. So if you have never seen him speak this is a good video to get acquainted with him.


Missie said...

Had to chuckle with calling drug dealers desert pharmacists! LOL

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

This gives a good idea where everyone stands and what they think. The sherrif comes off pretty sensible. Interesting videos.


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