Sunday, June 6, 2010

McCain and Kyl say Napolitano-Obama response to border security problem not enough

John McCain and Jon Kyl responded to Napolitano's claim that border security is being dealt with by saying that the National Guard Troops will put even less on the border than were deployed in 2006 and the problem is much worse now. They have come up with a 10 point plan that I think will bear looking into, simply because border security has been their problem in Arizona for years. I believe that if the Obama-Napolitano administration does not respond with common sense instead of politicking they can even lose the next election which should be Obama's to win if he is considered presidential enough. We can't allow politicking to delay solutions which is what has been happening for years with the issue of immigration. Politicians all feared losing votes.

We can see what the accusations have been with Arizona's desperation law SB1070. You are racist, racist, racist. I hope if Obama loses he will not cry racist as he goes down. There are a lot of reasons he could lose the next election, none of them to do with the color of his skin. First of all he has taken up a great deal of time pushing a health plan through which is still not being accepted well.
I believe that any pro choice democrat president is in danger of being a one term president. It is time for democrats to allow democrats to be pro life and to give them respect for sticking to their principles. This hi-jacking of the democratic party by the pro choice element of our society has been disgraceful and any nominee who goes along with the pro choice element to be the nominee as both Obama and the last nominee John Kerry did are in danger of being perceived as without principles and in fact godless.
The Supreme Court did the unborn a great injustice when they made abortion legal in 1973 with the Roe vs Wade decision. This is a country with many citizens who are strong believers in God. We have had a run in this country of people in the media painting these people as fanatics, stupid, and without merit in what they say. I know because I have been an abortion protester since 1973 and have been treated with great disrespect by the media in Arizona, mainly the Arizona Republic which was an extemely strong liberal voice in a Republican state. The Arizona Republic printed many columns that I regarded as pure abortion propaganda trying to persuade all their readers that abortion should be accepted. I felt the most outraged when the abortion advocates came up with FOCA, a plan to pass laws rendering legalized abortion untouchable! A form of FOCA is what Obama promised them he would try to get passed if he was elected president. What about people who want the right to deal death in abortion mills beyond repeal?
Sounds more like the people who sacrificed people in the Aztec civilization than any one very civilized. I can't even talk to these people, because they can't be reasoned with. Yet, we have had to respect the fact that they seized control of the media.
This is how you do that. Once abortion is legal than everybody who works for the paper is more or less served notice that there will be no serious attack on the law or that will will get the paper in trouble. So people working for the paper should more or less accept legalized abortion and help protect the law and make it a part of every American's thinking from now on! Yes, not even for one moment suggesting that laws can be passed that are dead wrong. Have always been passed in countries seeking to exterminate such as the Jewish population.
Now fanatics, yes fanatics, were in control who wanted everyone to change their minds and see how a legal abortion would be better to provide a woman who did not want the child. Implied that spiritual values were just not realistic, that people could not be that controlled, so a lot of police manpower was being wasted chasing the abortionists who were illegal. All the rights were accorded to the woman, none to the child. If she wanted to end her child's life they came up with a very successful slogan she should have the right to choose what she should do with her own body. A woman's right to choose! How many times have we heard that repeated as a mantra, disregarding the fact that it makes no sense. If a woman makes the wrong choice to have unprotected sex and gets pregnant with a baby she does not want, this sounds like this baby is just a little interloper and a woman should have the right to get rid of it, because it is her body, that is the little interloper is residing in her body. Now just think about it, does that reasoning make sense?
Instead of focusing on prevention we were now to focus on getting rid of the baby after the fact. Abortion was more sure than prevention. All 'mistakes' could be taken care of.
So then we found out that far more women than we imagined could be tempted by this easy and fast way to rid themselves of a mistake which now powerful people were saying was okay. No need to worry about taking a life. Then we heard some pure propaganda about how this was not a life, because it did not breathe, it was just tissue, anything to sop the conscience of the woman and keep her from regretting this kind of decision. People would say anything and did to justify abortion and this was all duly printed in many newspaper editorial pages. I know because I spent years protesting all this propaganda.
I just registered protest after protest, in letter, since I knew none of them would ever be published. That's what an abortion protester very often does. They just protest illogical claims made by abortion advocates, and they do it year after year.
Now do you know what it cost me? Being ignored for years, treated like a fanatic, not published. Because all of these seeped into publishing. It was everywhere. For years anything that opposed pro choice was not considered something even book publishers wanted to go with. Because most people can be tempted to go where the money is. So there will be no interruption in the popularity of their books.
Religious people such as I were denigrated for years by the press.
Legalized abortion ruined my career as a playwright and writer in this country for years. I was never going to be heralded as a writing talent and good thinker by a pro choice media.
Now this is what the pro choice people did to the media. After the Supreme Court did their job and made this procedure legal. And in fact, other advocates worked hard in other countries and made it legal there which has now led to a huge holocaust in the unborn, millions of fetuses sent to Kingdom Come for the angels to take care of. No wonder pro choice people sneer at the idea of the human being having a spirit and surviving death and actually having to think further about the life they took.
I have had skeptics tell me that it is impossible to have prophetic dreams, which prophets have had for thousands of years. I could tell them a dream that came true by the dozen and they still would not believe.
I believe what we can imagine can be true, that our imagination is an instrument in perceiving what we cannot see. We have many ways to perceive the invisible and to see the hand of God at work. And what I call God is the great consciousness, the fount of wisdom of which we may all be a part. Which we can access if we desire in prayer, in silent communion, in all the ways that people have been doing so since they came into existence.
You may not have noticed that with legalized abortion the religious thinkers who used to be printed in the newspapers and talked about with respect disappeared because they did not agree with the legalizing of abortion, so their thinking had to be sacrificed.
Eventually the narrowness of this vision of what man is capable of was going to pall, and the propagandists were going to be recognized. Their words were not going to be as alluring as they had been in the past.
I can remember finding great comfort in the books about the saints when my own life was being shattered daily by the alcoholism of my father, who was expected to drink himself to death as other relatives had done before him. I found comfort in reading about people who had found strength through prayer, through devotion to good, to commitment to right doing, which I thought was lacking in my skeptic father's thinking.
I decided I had to commit myself to a God which he had not done, or I would not survive the evil. I thought I had to go down in the Valley of the Shadow and ask for God's help to take me through it, in order to give me the strength to fight my father, to be a witness to him. As I was dying, I was praying, "God help me, help me to be strong enough not to turn away from you." Help me to take the torture an still believe. I thought many times of Stephan being stoned to death but still not denying his God. I asked God to spare my life so I could go home and witness to my father.
He knew it. He knew I had been somewhere he had not yet gone, and I had the strength of God in my eyes, when I came home, so he could not touch me. His brothers had not been able to stand up to their father with a bullwhip in his hands without drinking. And some of them died. I knew I had to stand up to my father with God helping me or I would die too. God saved me and sent me out to bear witness to more besides my father that God does live.
I brought that message to my husband who had fallen into the evil ways of an alcoholic who threatened to kill when he was drunk and even tried to. I remember one time he was looking at me and said, "You are fighting the whole world." I thought he knows. Because he knows how hard it is to fight evil with good. You are tempted to turn away from God's way all the time. But I was being guided by God in all the crises I went through with him of how to do it God's way, which would reach him.
I saw my mother fight evil with wrong doing. It did not work. It just created a hell on earth in our home, when she started to lie and cheat just as my father had been doing. There is no end to the harm that can do, which is why women with abusive husbands are counseled not to try to take revenge, not to try to kill before being killed. This does not work. It only leads to more chaos.
Which is why I could see clearly that legalized abortion was not God's way, would not help any country who used it without causing worse problems. When many people lose their way and solve a problem with violence and bloodshed, the country is not better off because the violence of that act can never be denied. It adds more wrong doing to what already may have transpired to make the pregnancy so difficult.
Doing things the spiritual way has been banished in this country for 35 years through legalized abortion. We can see many countries succumbing to the temptation. There is a price to be paid for banishing the voice of God from our newspapers and everywhere else we can. We are simply crippling ourselves, trying to get along without the wisdom of all the people, including the people who have never departed from trying to do God's will on earth, which is simply protecting all. The unborn most of all.


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...

Its an interesting piece. It is also interesting that everyone is willing to play the blame game and everyone who is not doing anything have an opinion on what the best solution would be had they been in position to do something.... Riiiiight!

Isn't always the way though? Everyone one has the answer when they have no real accountability? It's like the Other Woman in a marriage, she is always the best thing because the man does not have to live day in day out with her, he does not have to put forth any real effort and she doesn't get to see what he's really like and where he falls short.

If the people who have the skills and expertise cannot find an adequate solution how is it that the president gets to carry the shit-load of blame? He seem to be doing the best he can in a very bad situation.

Fence politians with no real responsibility always has the answers until they are elected to do the job!

Gerry said...

I think with an issue like this which has reached the point that many people are reacting who have been affected by illegal immigration one way or another, all will need to have their say, and if the president is capable he will recognize that this issue can no longer be shunted aside. The people are now asking for help with changing the way it has been handled before or simply ignored. If it is perceived he does not come up to the challenge with some solutions worthy of a president, his tenure in office might be limited because of this issue alone.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

You have many qualities that could be used to become an accomplished artist in whatever medium you would choose: Tenacity, prolificism, passion, righteous anger and lotsa free time. Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side of Humanism, Science, Reason and couth... so we wind up with the "free entertainment" that is a Daughter of a Shadowman and her depressingly self-destructive side-kick Doc, an arrogant pity-magnet whom you have no business propping up to blow chunks all over the internet whilst he swirls his way down a HUD-subsidized toy-toy to an alchoholic demise.
Of course it makes sense to regulate our borders, but the reality of passing an angry "desperate" law is that it will foster even more State-sponsored inhumanity... the same kind of tyranny that would pass laws to revoke and criminalize a woman's choice of dealing with her own body according to her own beliefs. Are you going to deny that a fetus is part of the mother's body? You who put forth the idea of some kind of absolute morality under an all-powerful God have little consistency in your sense of Justice or the slogans you try to send out that are supposed to crystallize all nuance and render us subjects of a black-and-white world of good and evil. You have suffered, you say, as a victim of larger forces politically averse to your beliefs, but my experience shows that the incontractable are quickly deemed insufferable and are shut out of the scene by their own intolerances.
Your shrill videos are made tolerable only by the charming way you parade your wrong-headedness... but when serious topics like racism, fascism and theocratic hucksterism threaten to rear their heads again after a hard-fought and far-reaching enlightenment of the body politic, the charm wears thin and the ghost-gossip and way-down-home homilies need to be firmly rebuffed. Sorry...

Doc said...

This missive is directed toward Bill Pasadeaux aka David Albert. I don't blog. Gerry, on the other hand, does. She read your comment on her blog to me. Because you see I am blind. So therefore I was unable to read your fantastic unbelievable, intellectually stupifying comments. See, Dave, actually I can use words longer than the f-- word. We made a video which will not be posted on You Tube about what I really think about you and please stay on methodone. If you want to see the video I will send you a copy and I won't even charge you $2.50 for it like you did me on the CDs. And by the way thanks for the compliment about me blowing chunks out of the Internet on these videos on Youtube. I didn't know I was that powerful. I know I can pass gas butt. Gerry said HUD is enabling him but his alcoholic demise is not coming soon enough. She is promising not to read any more comments to me from Bill or Dave or whoever the hell you are. Dictated by not read.

Gerry said...

I will see if I can detect your message behind the play of words you are so fond of using that I think make leftist rhetoric obscure enough that people are never quite sure. However I have known you long enough that I think I can make a pretty good guess. It doesn't matter what I think and believe if pro choice newspapers suppress it because it no longer reflects the politics of today. I think I have been suppressed as much for the power of my reasoning which those in power thought might break the spell that reasoning such as a woman should have the 'choice' about whether to kill the fetus, as helped by society with legal abortionists to accommodate her should she decide upon death. Ever since life began the womb has been the safest place for any off spring to be until modern antibiotics made it far safer to abort. Until then those who wished to rid themselves of unwanted offspring generally waited for birth to do away with them for fear of death by infection of the unwilling mother as well, so abortion bears a very close resemblance to murder. And such spurious arguments as yours could be put out there that might convince the weak minded that this really is a viable 'choice.' People who choose to kill a newborn also make choices but this time society and the left has to retain the law against murder. So why did so many of the world embrace safe murder or killing if you prefer in the womb? I think those who support think the more dead kids the better. They basically hate people having kids only ironically some of the ones deemed to have offspring that will be the least intellectually endowed are probably the ones who won't favor abortion. So the kind of intellectual like yourself brilliant enough to see the need for legalized abortion will not be producing nearly as many of their own kind while those who ignore legalized abortion available to them will have population explosions. That is poetic justice I would say.
Whoever can resist false doctrine should be the ones to survive and their offspring. They will inherit the earth, while the pro choice crowd will end up with a token kid if that, those not planned weeded out. And the neurotic mothers will cripple through life fed a pro choice doctrine that does not even recognize a soul let alone nurtures one.
Nothing but the grave for you, my man, as you reject those way down home homilies, and oblivion turns your world black. I do not reject any source of life as fed by the imagination, by history, by the meditating of the saints without number, by their visions. And all I have to do to gain eternal life is to respect life!


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