Sunday, June 13, 2010

Howdy! Howdy!

Feeling very cheerful today. Had fun putting a new template design on Doc's blog (see Rick n Doc Emde on my blog list) to go with the fun graphic Connie sent him that just matches. She also sent him a profile photo of him on Newsweek as the "Old Geezer of the year." He got a laugh out of that one. He told her how he liked her profile photo on Facebook with her picture on Vogue. You no more than give Connie an idea and she is off and running. Besides that she helps in the huge garden she and her husband have put in on their lovely country grounds in northern Ohio besides the flowers and lots of lawn. See her photos and videos on Connie's Place on my blog list. Of course, my header is by the incomparable Connie.

My sister Ann is blogging regularly so check out her blog KanyonlandKing on my blog list. She has photos of flowers in bloom at her place and quilts galore. Ann is an old quilter from way back so she is always promoting quilting in her family in spite of having retired from quilting a few years ago so she could help write on books like Ranches, Homesteads, and Home. She will soon have another book out she has been working on all winter called the Grand Staircase Monument My Home, something like that.
Raymond is blogging again and he's all excited about staging one of his plays, "Under the Desert" in a little desert place up on Thompson's ledge! Yes! You will have to go by 4-wheel drive to the top. That great event is to take place in August. He has been staging theater events for years, so I know it will live up to promise. Check out Cowboys and Bohemians on my blog list for progress.

The photo is of Thompson's ledge. There is no water up there, so we couldn't imagine anyone building a house up on top, but someone did. Raymond has made friends with him. He says he is a fabulous artist and photographer, also a musician, so that is the kind of guy Raymond is sure to befriend.
Dana Bate of Vagabond Journeys (see blog list) sent all who requested photos of his art work. There is something about someone attempting to express themselves on canvas with paints and pencil that has always fascinated people. I know it does me, and having two sisters who have done a lot of art work, I am always eager to gaze upon any kind of art work. I have been studying Dana's pictures that cause me to think this and that. Dana is a complex man so his art work sort of reflects that. He will send you his art work, too, I am sure if you request it.
Which is also why I have a new blog listed by Herrad called Access Denied--have multiple sclerosis. She and Sherry (Have Myelin?)who writes Word Salads and Postcards from the Edge have taught me a great deal about a difficult disease. They both seemed to be in advanced stages so have multiple problems about which they write very well. Anyway Herrad just posted a tribute to Sherry's Daughter Nicole who suddenly passed from these realms a year ago when she was only 34 years old of an illness affecting her lungs. The tribute is composed of art works from the masters and music videos. Herrad always posts art work or great photos so I know you are going to love her blog, especially if you love art.
I am resting as I am also tired from posting a response to Bill Pasadeaux who has long been my greatest critic. Yes, I have known him quite a few years, ever since I started blogging in fact on AOL. I even posted some photos of him on there when we were semi-friends, but he is a liberal democrat and I cross back and forth voting for who I think makes the most sense. I will not just support the party especially since the Democratic party became the party of pro choice. I have always thought the Democratic party helped minorities the most which was why I registered as a democrat.
I am still busy gathering illegal immigration stories. Another Stand With Arizona rally was held at Bolin Park across from the Capitol in Phoenix yesterday. I will post some videos from it if I like them. I laughed at a poll that was taken pitting our Governor Janet Brewer against Barack Obama in the next presidential election. See I told you we are developing a strong Republican woman candidate in Arizona in Governor Brewer. She may soon pass Sarah Palin as the woman we would like most for our president. Ha. Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and disappeared!
Politics always fascinates me. Barack will really have to earn the next election as people are still mad at him for pushing through the health care bill with a very strong arm, helped by Pelosi and others, when we are so much in debt and still in a marked recession. Now we have got an environmental disaster in an oil spill that won't quit. I hate to even look at the photos which Ann has listed on her blog Beauty in Art. When I get up the courage I will go and see, but that is so upsetting. Big business has got to do better or it will not get back in the good graces of the American people very soon.


salemslot9 said...

howdy Gerry!
great photo of
our favorite
old geezer

Herrad said...

Hi Gerry,
Thanks for mentioning my blog.
Herrad said...

Wow, quite the headers! The Old Geezer Newsweek picture is great...and so is the video. I got a kick out of it. Doc, as the old geezer will soon be he is funny. said...

Wow, quite the headers! The Old Geezer Newsweek picture is great...and so is the video. I got a kick out of it. Doc, as the old geezer will soon be he is funny.

Connie said...

I enjoyed thia post very much.
It gave me more insight to other bloggers and the respect you have for them,even when you don't necessarily agree with them. I had just about left blogging all together when I got some negative posts,it sent me reeling but I was determined not to let them bother me.It still sticks in my craw what was said..and out of meaness....Oh well live and let live,Ha....

Amrita said...

Hi Gerri, love your new blog design and photo assembly.

Your trip to the Farmer 's market seems good. I also shop like that. We are mainly vegetarian.

Doc looks good too.

What is a water cart? You you show us a picture.

And also I want to know wha t is HUD housing. You mention it often


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