Friday, June 4, 2010

Some fights are hard to explain: daughter fashion child

I have been engaged in a fight with my sister Margie for the last few days. We used to fight a lot, I am not quite sure why, but we were only one year apart in age. After we fought, we would usually go have a lot of fun doing something. But I think this fight had more to do with my deciding I could not go to my hometown Boulder to the festival this year, mainly because of arguments we have had the past year over certain things I have talked about in my memoirs which led to heated words. I decided I could not go my usual way of getting to my hometown, which would be by plane and shuttle or bus to St. George to my sister Margie's house and then on over to Boulder. Because of these arguments this seemed to be less and less like a good idea.
Now the only way I see I could possibly get up there is if I went with someone by car straight to Boulder bypassing St. George altogether which would certainly take the strain off Margie being involved in my trip at all, which I just don't think she can manage peaceably. I might be able to talk my son Gary into doing it some time, but possibly not this year as he just went up there last summer. I will talk to him, but he might not want to go. My daughter is going on all kinds of trips elsewhere so she would not do it. So that leaves nobody.
My niece Cheryl is in charge of doing a Womens book this coming summer for the festival that I especially wanted to go to. So I was disappointed to think I might not make it.
Oh well, sometimes it is impossible to carry out plans. Especially when you are too old to drive yourself. I miss being able to take off and go anywhere in my car. Otherwise I don't miss it at all.
A woman here who was described as having 'dementia' but was still driving her car around was supposed to come home from a gathering but never got there. After she was missing for five days yesterday her car was found abandoned out on some country road and her body about a half mile away where she had apparently been walking to for what reason nobody can figure out. The search for her has caused people to start thinking about an amber alert for missing old people. I thought that might be a good idea since my ex husband was one who disappeared on a desert road in Nevada and has never been found.
You will have to excuse me if I am not too full of pep this morning. Fighting takes it out of you when you are old. I thought my sister hit below the belt by sneering at my hats and colorful clothes and saying I was full of self love. Well, at one time I would have been very modest about posting photos of myself in different hats and outfits but I try to promote that sort of thing in my complex, encourage the women to get up and put on a colorful outfit and hat and go out to meet and greet people. Yesterday my friend Linda came out with a brilliant turquoise hat and outfit on with a colorful sequin design on the dress. She looked fabulous and made my day. She is heavy set but does not let that stop her from being very stylish.
I used to love to see my old aunt Net when she came to church. She had snow white hair she used to pile on top of her head in beautiful curls and she usually wore lilac colors to accentuate her hair. I thought she looked fabulous and vowed to dress up just like she did when I got old. I never wanted to stop dressing up.
I was very poor for a long time and could not afford to buy any clothes. I could hardly even afford to buy sneakers for my son. They had to be given to him. I couldn't even buy clothes in the thrift store as I did not have even that much to spare. So I suppose I have been making up for lost time.
Oh well, I won't let her stop me. She has still got a very good figure and enough money she could dress like a movie star. I don't know why she doesn't. I would if I was her. She probably wouldn't be so mean and onery if she went on a few shopping sprees. Ha.
I just bought Doc his 13th hat. I saw one I could not resist. You will soon see it in a video. What I love about Doc is he will wear all these colorful clothes I buy him and allow himself to be photographed and videoed in them. He said he was made into a model by his handsome father who sold clothes and was also a buyer and a model for a very expensive men's clothing store back in St. Louis. Doc said he was dressed in suits when he was six years old! He had to beg and plead to be allowed to buy levies.
Margie's husband was quite the fashion plate when he dressed up in his best outfits, but he is going to be 90 this summer which is another reason she is probably irritable as he does not want her to leave his side. She went to Boulder for Memorial Day and he was afraid he would die that night. Still I am sure she could slip away to the women's clothing stores if she wanted to. If I had her figure and legs I would probably go crazy buying clothes and shoes to show them off. To my mind, some women just aren't vain or 'self loving' enough.
If movie stars weren't fond of their beautiful selves in fabulous clothes we would probably not get treated to them either. I have always been a lover of fashion and take great interest in the clothes everyone wears to different events. Clothes just provide some of the simple joy in life. Why spoil the fun for ourselves or anybody else?

Header Ronda is in her beautiful princess outfit with her raggedy looking doll as contrast. The dress she has on in the second photo at the top was made by my sister Ann from a pattern for a fashionable little girl to attend kindergarten! I contracted her to do it. Little girl in red, belle of the ball! Ann made her little girl Mala, and her son, Stuart, and Ronda matching outfits in the last photo.

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Paula said...

Love the pictures Gerry. Especially the one with the Eskimo Spitz. I gave one to my husband once and we named him Cuddles.


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