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Bill wants to argue with me about legalized abortion again

I am often very lonely at the end of the day and have no one to talk to. So I looked at this comment on my side bar and I thought oh, God has sent me someone to talk to, so I had better not complain because it is Bill. As you know we have every kind of person you can think of in this complex. And I am one for trying to make restitution for all the bad things I think my particular race has done to other races and those with different ethnic backgrounds. If a black man is sitting to the table I think here is a chance to do restitution for slavery and a bunch of other bad stuff, if it is an Indian I know a lot of bad stuff we have done to his people when we were illegals flowing into this country by the thousands and thinking up reasons why we not only needed to put Indian land to better use but why not get rid of the Indians entirely who just weren't going to get over the invasion. We had better weapons. Diseases they weren't immune to.
Now the Jews, I have felt particularly bad about what white even supposedly Christian nations have done to the Jews all too recently in the holocausts. When I was a little child I thought Father Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus really were my ancestors and my people because I heard so much about them in my classes in Church and Seminary. So when the holocaust happened I could not get over Christians turning on Jews. So when I did get a chance to do restitution I was quite taken back at how mean a Jewish guy could be who happened to be Bill. Bill is not his real name. He sounded as brilliant as I expected a Jewish person to be, but was a dreadful skeptic. His favorite book which he kindly lent me to read was Carl Sagan's "The Demon Haunted World". It is now one of my favorite books, too. It had a lot in it about how the Jews were persecuted all down through the ages mainly because they refused to accept Christian versions of Jesus Christ. Many others called heretics were also tortured and burned because they could not please the authorities enough with what they believed. The present holocausts were certainly not the first ones involving the killing of Jews, who have been subjected to many purges.
Well, I was determined to love and accept Bill no matter how he acted. I figured that he had been so embittered by the crimes done to his people that I had to expect some problems with him. But Bill truly tried my soul, however I am still game. I still try to love those who have been sinned against no matter how they act. I believe that only through love will the embittered ever return to the fold, but I must admit it is a tall order to love Bill.
I ground my teeth a little when I read his latest comment which I will post here but after that I will still try to love him according to my philosophy of life.

Bill Pasdeaux said...

What possible business is it of yours whether Sarah Palin decided to terminate or bring her pregnancy to term? I admire the Romper Room Lady who chose, so many ages ago, to avail herself of a safe clinical termination of her pregnancy, which was tainted by exposure to Thalidamide, in Sweden because it was illegal in the US. How many have died, whatever reasons they had, in the aftermath of coat hanger and Oil of Pine torture? You say you're not killing anyone here with your opinions... well, maybe not since Roe vs Wade, or until abortion on demand is fully outlawed by cruel and hypocritical Lawmakers. Allowing choice and making it safely available places the onus of any personal guilt for that choice on the chooser... legislating against the availability of this procedure places the onus of any tragedy to the chooser on the Lawmakers and the constituents who demanded such restriction. Which is closer to the idea of Freedom and Liberty for actual living and thinking Human Beings?

June 12, 2010 4:45 AM

I have to tell Bill that I think the legalizing of the abortionist helps the mother commit a violent act, which is why I think it should be illegal. I don't think we can allow other people to take life with a clear conscience anymore than we can allow parents to abuse and kill their kids after they are born. I think it is just as bad for the humanity of parents to kill their unborn, especially a mother who must undergo what has to be one of the most depressing procedures on earth, with her mind churning about the violence and the finality of the act. Introducing death into the womb where it has not been before can I think have far reaching consequences affecting the life and future well being of the mother, too. The womb shrinks from such a violent invasion, the psyche recoils, everything turns this procedure into a nightmare.
Bill might want women to be left alone to do this if they want to. But the results have been anything but reassuring. More than a million abortions a year in this country alone, which suggests that the more you endorse violence the more people may be tempted to do it. Another reason for restraining them from having the means to do it.
It is just not good for people to have the temptation to commit this violent act reinforced by abortion advocates like Bill, suggesting this is just a harmless procedure and may be the right thing for you to do under your circumstances. I would be willing to put up with a lot of women turned pro choice by legalized abortion screaming and hollering at me that I had taken away their right to choose. I would be willing to sit down with them and patiently tell them my take on the situation, given that I was able to help with the overturning of this law. I would be willing to write books explaining why this ancient taboo against taking the life of the unborn is one not to violate.
Bill could have been the one his mother chose to abort had this law been in effect when he was conceived. My mother did abort her third child by herself with a catheter she got from an aunt. I was her first, but I felt endangered by her act, as she was in an absolute fury at my dad when she did it. My dad was the object of her wrath, but she took it out on the child. He or she had to pay. That might have been the only brother I would have. My mother spanked me throughout early childhood I thought because my dad was too tough and strong for her to whip, and she knew it hurt him for her to whip his little children. I felt her people did not support her, give her good advice, help her with her terrible frustration with her marriage. I came to see that she had good reason to be frustrated with my dad as a husband. She could also have killed herself with the abortion and left us motherless. But her dad was trained to deliver babies so she knew he would come to her rescue if she started bleeding excessively. He saved her life when she nearly bled to death from a miscarriage. He would have done the same with the abortion had she gotten into trouble.
But to my mind, my mother needed to be helped by many around her who were supposed to care for her, her mother and dad and brothers and sisters. Her mother-in-law, her sisters-in-laws and brothers-in-laws. In fact I thought she got more help from my dad's brother than she did from her own family with troubles with my dad. I thought the reasons for my mother's illegal abortion were many, but they all needed to be analyzed and more help forthcoming so she wouldn't be tempted to do it again. She must have gotten some help from many sources, because she had three more children with the circumstances not being much better, but she seemed to have made up her mind that her abortion was a mistake she was not going to repeat.
So instead of just making abortion a way of life, a woman needs to be helped to overcome all the problems that cause her to want to abort a child. Legalizing abortion is only going to add guilt and confusion with an unacceptable solution.
I am sure Bill is not going to be able to accept a loving God into his heart until he is a lot less bitter than he is now. But I do believe he thinks of me as a friend who will reason with him instead of just ignoring him. I think of his bitter comment as a cry for help, because I always know he is in dire straights.
His health is not good so he has difficulty earning money, and his income through disability is too small for him to live within his means. He was evicted from this HUD complex which may mean it will be some years before he is allowed back in one.
I have lived through years of disability so I know how dreary that can be. I am grateful for the subsidized housing which helps me live within my means. I was very sorry to see Bill almost inadvertently do what was going to get him evicted, thinking he was doing a good thing. I heard his justifications many times, but I think he was just too much of a disrupting presence for management to tolerate. I missed him after he was gone as he has a great smile and sense of humor. One of his long suites is being able to read instructions and follow them, but I felt he had to commit himself not being a disruptive presence. No matter what it took.
The only way I can talk to him now or he can talk to me is through my blog. I could reject his comments but I won't do that. I will just try to work with him.
Good heavens, there are thousands of pro choice people whose comments I find to be every bit as corrosive as Bill's. That's what being an abortion protester means to me, is you protest the thinking, and when you get responses, you try to reason with the people, change minds.
A lot of times if you write a protest to a pro choice newspaper, you don't even get the letter published, so you can get comments, but you have to change minds and hearts sometimes one by one. Bill is giving me the opportunity to present my case, and in a blog I am going to do it for the world to read, too, if they choose. Probably not many will read it, but this is my chance to go into what I think effective abortion protesting has to be.
This is more advanced and requires more reasoning power than standing and picketing at an abortion clinic or writing a letter of protest that is not published. I am printing Bill's comment and I am responding. I also put a brief comment after his on that entry, but I thought it also called for a larger response.
So many times in this world we don't acknowledge response even it it is not exactly what we want, even if it is critical and even seems to be nasty, still it is an effort to communicate some of that person's thoughts. He is 25 years younger than I am so he was only about 15 when abortion was legalized. He is an example of a person who has been educated to be pro choice, since he is a liberal democrat, certainly not a conservative republican in any shape or form. He also has to recover from a terrible holocaust of millions of his people. His beloved mother was a concentration camp survivor. His father was a Russian Jew she met in Brooklyn after she came to this country. His father died when he was young. People who don't trust people are bitter. So we have to cut them some slack if we are truly going to do restitution for the violence that was done to them. How can we talk of stemming the violence of legalized abortion if we do not try to stem the violence done to any people for no good reason, other than just for living where they did, having been brought there perhaps years before by distant ancestors. I always think of Jews as being more akin to Jesus who was a Jew so I love them, because I have always loved him.

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Connie said...

you do what you think is right and you may sway some in the long run-but at least you gave it a try....


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