Monday, August 30, 2010

Going to capture the master pool player on film today if I can

I want to get over there and try to catch him before he has to start radium treatments. I decided to leave the tripod home so as not to call so much attention to what I am trying to do. The camcorder is small and unobtrusive. We are just going to experiment around and see what we can come up with.
I have been down to the patio already this morning talking to those at the 'round table.' We talked about other projects. My neighbor is planning his memoirs. He was telling me he has memories of before he was born. I have heard of that but never talked to anyone who has these memories before. He is such a hyper guy I think if anyone might have those memories he could. He says he was like my son Dan in the womb, who never stopped moving. He moved three times more than any other baby I recall having. I knew I was going to get a little hyper boy, and so he was.
News from Utah came that they had such hard winds my son Raymond had to cancel two shows on the top of the ledge. The wind is supposed to die down today, so he will try it again tonight and tomorrow night probably with a loss of audience, so he was upset, but the winds stop for no man, so he read Ulysses for comfort. (See his blog Cowboys and Bohemians on my blog list) My two sisters went over, had the dinner, but could not see the show.
My son Dan plans to come back with the Phoenix actress, Tracee, in the show, to Phoenix as soon as the play is definitelyi over. So my computer will not be touched for a few more days.
I spent a long time in the pool yesterday with my friend Linda. There is usually a different person or two every day to talk to. So the summer is passing in Phoenix with the best activity possible, exercising and playing in the pool. So much better than last year which was really dismal when the renovation of the pool was going on. More are taking advantage of the pool this year than ever before!

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It will be interesting to see the Master Pool Player in action.

Anonymous said...

One of the dreams that I woke up and told Max at Angel Camp was that I saw the Thompson Ledge split into and it seemed I was looking at a canyon with trees growing right down in the middle of it. I told her I hoped nothing had happened to Raymond's play.
We'll the God of Wind has made himself known. God Bless the Wind and all other of God's good things, Rain, Snow, Dew, etc. Did you get permission to play in god's country?...Linda


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