Monday, August 30, 2010

The master LeRoy and John show us seniors how to play pool (1)

We pool playing seniors are lucky to have such veterans as LeRoy and John to inspire some hot games of pool every week day morning at the senior center down town on Fillmore Steet. You can tell from his moves, LeRoy is a hustler, a shark, just an all around great player, now waiting radium treatment . Heres to some great memories with one of the best pool players I ever had the privilege of playing. He was an Arizona nine-ball champion in 1960, and who knows how many people he has beat at 9 ball since.


Connie said...

Good luck to LeRoy

Amrita said...

From the swimming pool you have come to the pool table.

I wish I could learn how to play it. Very interesting.

Did you see my massage videos?


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