Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hanging out in the patio before going in the pool

I went down to the patio around one o'clock dressed in my pink bathing suit with my black mumu over it to see if I could not visit with some people while waiting for a little shade over the swimming pool so I would not burn. The sun does weird things to my skin now in just a few minutes, I supposed from too many years exposed to this intense Arizona sun. I spotted Trudy, my 83 year old friend, who wheels herself out for some company, braving the sun which affects her, too, but Trudy and I had a hard time getting a word in edgewise with so many people coming and going and dogs and fights. A man was going crazy for a cigarette, I mean literally crazy, begging to the point he annoyed another resident who took him to task, which caused another man to take offense to his hard line and they shouted for a bit. Trudy gave him a cigarette and told him he did not have to pay for it. When these fights erupt you are forced to realize that this is kind of a high class nut house in a way, as some of the residents have to be sent to a psych center to cool off their behavior if possible. This resident was just taken away and returned to us supposedly with his meds adjusted, but today he seemed to be going off again, pacing and pacing and borrowing cigarettes. So we played psychologist and tried to figure out what was going on with him. But I am not sure we figured it out. This poor guy has got kind of a sweet nature so I hope he can calm down. Nobody wants to see him homeless. I guess he can't handle his money so has a relative caregiver who takes care of his money and supposedly doles out the money for his needs. But guess his need for cigarettes exceeds his disability benefits.
Still, the government pays a good deal of money for each one of us to live here, since these apartments are subsidized and the resident is only charged a fourth of their income for rent and utilities combined. The complex management signed a 30 year contract with HUD, so this old hotel will remain HUD housing until then at least. If outsiders looked at this beautiful luxurious pool they would think we were way over indulged, but the pool would have been taken out long ago except this is a historical site, so nobody is allowed to touch it. Since it was renovated last year the pool could not be better. It is certainly the bright spot of my summer days.
Two residents, a man and a woman got into a heated argument over whether his dog would bite her dog if given a chance. She said he had already gone for it elsewhere twice! Which is why she yelled at him not to get near her and her dog. Daisy is a very mild mannered dog but every dog might have their breaking point. So after that tiff subsided, I decided to go into the pool and Trudy decided she was getting too warm and went inside.

I went and got in the pool and was soon joined by the son of a Navaho Indian friend of Doc's. Tony is part Hopi on his mother's side, and he always makes me laugh with his amusing remarks about Indians vs. whites, although he can get savage, too, if he has drunk enough and someone riles him. Then as he says he is capable of going on the war path.
He knows Doc so we discussed the ways of drinking men, and he made me feel better by describing the drinking habits of the tribe upon the 'Rez'. I mean I was comforted by hearing about worse drinking men than Doc. Tony claims the Indians will drink anything if they see it contains alcohol. And when you go into an Indian's house they do not want you to go to their bathroom for fear you will drink their Nyquil or whatever else is in their cabinets. The vanilla is always hidden, too. I remember my Grandma used to hide her good vanilla with alcohol in it. Mother just took to buying the vanilla without as my dad would be sure to drink the one with alcohol in it. The liquor store was 30 miles away from our place and Tony said the liquor store was 150 miles away on the Rez.
He said that he and his dad were both in the same fix. I said, both alcoholics? He said yes. I said, well, Tony, I think you are a very bright guy, I hope you don't feel called upon to commit suicide. He said that he was disappointed when he woke up from a binge he thought would surely put him away. His alcohol blood level measured 4. something. I said well, I think a guy as articulate and witty as you are should surely be able to find some reason for living. He said it is too late for me, but he didn't sound nearly as alarming as he did a month or so ago, so I still retain hope Tony will not kill himself.
He has a bike now so he has wheels. He said his dad is very depressed now over his younger brother's death. I would say he is much more danger of dying than the gregarious Tony. Tony comes and goes and most everybody likes him as he makes us laugh.
While we were talking a male resident and a female one got into a loud argument. They are not supposed to go to the patio at the same time, but the woman says that he comes out there early so how can she stay away all day? Tony said he was going to go over there and tease them, saying, are you guys courting or what? You can't stay away from each other. M, the guy, tried to talk to me about B, the woman, but I said, M, you can get along with her. She has been out here with us and you got along okay. But he is a cantankerous cuss. However I am not as alarmed over their fights either as I was a few weeks ago. They have lost a little heat. Maybe they will manage not to get one of them evicted. Probably him if anybody goes. He can't bully her, but she might like to fight a little too well.
Tony got out and went over there. I would like to have heard what he said to them. I will bet it was funny.
I found out I had swum about an hour, so decided to call it a day. I felt very good after exercising my stiff knees that long, and they were definitely loosened up. My touchy feelings were even healing. That Tony is a good therapist. He's a high class wit, with a sense of irony you don't run into very often. He can get away with saying more stuff because he is funny. He can do good in the world if he can just keep from killing himself.

P.S. I got the cartoon and the cat from Connie. She is also funny and good for my health.


Anonymous said...

They just put in the paper over here that they are thinking of stopping people from cashing their welfare check at the casinos. They have been doing it since 2006.
Duuuuu. I wonder how come they can't make it through the month after cashing it there? Of course they were going to win. Linda said...

I loved the caption and cat cartoon. Did anyone happen to look at that boxer jumping on the trampoline on FB? Very funny...was it Ronda who posted?
Anyway, I enjoyed your swim vicariously...since I can't go. You look good in pink!

Have Myelin? said...

Oh I love the cat cartoon! LOL!

You look marvy in a bathing suit! OOO-la-la!

Amrita said...

The cartoon made me smile also the poolside story.


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