Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am unable to get on line with my computer

I had to come down to Doc's to write this brief entry. My computer son Dan is still in Utah and won't be back until around the first. I sent him an e-mail asking for instructions but I may not be able to do what he can do so easily. Don't worry, I have a savings account so if I had to buy another hard drive it wouldn't be the worst tragedy in the world, but let us hope we can get more life out of this one. Dan will figure it out.
I had to come down to Doc's and use his computer but while I was using it we both agreed we should not eat together or do couple things, but just stick to computer and video and camera activities. I said I did not want to be his caretaker if he should have a catastrophic illness. He said what am I, the black hole. I said you could be! He on the other hand I am sure does not want to be my caretaker either. And I am 6 years older and too heavy, so it is probably going to be a race to see who leaves the earth first.
I found out Nikita's husband to be held a gun to her head. I told Doc I was grateful he did not hold a gun to mine. In fact, he claims he is happy with our new aggrangement as I was even leaving him all the dishes to wash so I could preserve precious energy for my writing. I was really getting to be about as bad a daily companion as you could find. He never knew whether I would show up for breakfast at 6 am or 9am. By 8:30 am he would be calling and I felt pressured. Then he would try to pin me down to the time I would return to lunch.
I feel I only have enough energy for me. I may be able to post another entry in a few days, and in the meantime I will look forward to computer man Dan's return!


Paula said...

Its a bummer. Will look forward to your return. I'm sure you will find something interesting to do.

kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Well, he'll soon be home. I hope you can get by until then. Sorry to hear you are down.

Amrita said...

Hope your compu gets fixed soon. I got mine repaired yesterday.

Maybe grdually thinks will be more amicable between Doc and you. Just play it safe.


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