Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raymond hits crisis: he may even have to do part himself opening Thursday!

Raymond is in a worse crisis than I am but everyone is helping him because he is not in an alcoholic meltdown himself. Instead it is the lead actor from LA who may have gone, but if he did Raymond must do the lead part himself in the play opening this weekend for a four day run on top of Thompson's ledge. He wrote the play but he will have to do some tall studying to learn the part by Thursday or Friday, although perhaps the actor has not gone for good. Maybe? The computers and phones are all out in Boulder, too, so Dan will not get my e-mail, but at any rate he would not be able to help much from there. He will probably have to take over the directing reins if Raymond acts. He even directed his and Scott's movie so it isn't as if he hasn't directed. Every one is trying to help Raymond with his theater crisis. Tracee is steady who Raymnd said was doing great work in the leading female role. The relatives are all rallying and coming from several towns to support the show as it sounds like the Heritage Foundation has taken the play under its wings.
I still have no phone and will not have one as long as I can't get my computer on line. Dan could e-mail me some basic things to try, once the service is restored to Boulder. Out in the hinterlands services aren't quite so reliable as they are in the city. I can't call on Doc's phone as I would not do that. He has no long distance service and would have a spell at such expense. My online phone is very inexpensive compared to most any other phone service. And this is the longest it has ever gone down from interrupted Internet service. So I will content myself with blogging and e-mail.
Doc insisted I listen to another video he made about our split that be blamed all on the jealousy of women, mine over the woman he lent money too. He was probably in a blackout that morning he made me so angry, saying so many negative things about our relationship while still very drunk from the night before when he had given her the money. I don't know how many hours that took. He didn't say. But if I hadn't left him already I would leave him over a video in which he took no blame, even though he was very drunk when he made it, obvious to somebody who knows him. A lot drunker than when he made the one he wanted uploaded. He didn't ask to upload this one, but he should not have insisted I watch it, as it only confirmed my suspicions his mind has deteriorated to the point he can't be reasoned with. Worse! I just said we do not look at things the same way. His alcoholic patterns are a very big part of this breakup. He will probably tell the woman it was just my jealousy. Makes him sound better, but hardly the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but he is not capable of being that hard on himself most of the time, that is why he is still drinking as he does! In my opinion.
Addicton abuse and serious artistry are not on the same page!
FLASH!! I see service has been restored and Raymond is writing about the crisis himself in his Cowboys and Bohemians blog. See my blog list!

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Missie said...

I would go batty if I had no phone service. I think that might be worse than no internet service! LOL

Hope you have a good rest of your week.


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