Thursday, August 12, 2010

I keep moving on, figuring out what I feel the need to talk about each day

I have long been a believer in going over all my issues each day to see which ones I need to address, talk about, think about first. Sometimes I have to put certain ones to the back of my mind that I feel unable to take on that day. They are either too painful or I have not done enough thinking about them to write about yet. Or they are too trivial. I go down to Doc's first thing in the morning and have a cup of coffee and some cereal and fruit usually, picking up a newspaper so we an peruse the Arizona news. Besides the daily Arizona Republic that costs 75cents I picked up a free New Times this morning which comes out once a week. This morning a New Times story that was also being published in a back east version caught my eye, but it was so gruesome I don't want to share it with readers quite yet to do with the kidnappings that have been plaguing our state. I did read that these are largely illegal immigrant kidnappings by coyotes. Their relatives or anyone who might care enough about them to pay the ransoms are contacted. Tips from concerned citizens bring police to what is called the 'drop house' if the captives are lucky, and they are freed. Quite often we read in the paper that a number of illegals have been rescued, most of whom may well be deported. The New Times tells us that the Governor and Sheriff Arpaio are wrong in their assessment of the situation, but I fail to see how people being held ransom right in our midst by brutal coyotes are not going to affect all of us in some way or another. So I think everyone who has an interest in writing about the current state of illegal immigration is right about it in some way or another as it affects them. The governor is affected, as well as the Sheriff, and so on. The journalists do their research, but they are really going to have to deal with the problem less than law enforcement or elected officials. They are not likely to be living in the most violent poor neighborhoods where the illegals are most apt to come. So I actually do not see them as as good a source of information as those who have to deal with the criminal behaviors. The hospitals and trauma centers report their statistics on illegals that use their services and so on. A number of reports are available to keep us abreast of what is happening on that scene and what is being done. This morning we read in the paper that births among illegals are up which is not going to make a lot of citizens happy. In that those trying to do something about the amendment that decreed all babies born here are legal no matter if their parents are or not are already indignant. So many have taken advantage of this law that it now looks as though it might be in real jeopardy with these statistics on the rise in births.
Other good news is that President Obama appears to be moving now with securing funds that will enable him to bring more troops to the border. We read that these troups are to be recruited from within the border states. He is trying to get these funds so he can do more about the problem as a federal response which is what Arizona has been asking for.
Looks like that is about all the news about illegal immigration, but that is considerable. So it is a good day I think as far as solutions to the border problem goes.
I think we are all agreed that even though we know that people come north for a better life and that jobs may be non existent where they are, this has been going on so many years, and the offices of legal means of getting into the country are so far behind in processing requests for green cards and visas many have simply resorted to illegal entrance as so many have done successfully over the years. It must be hard for illegals to accept that those 'good' years for them may be winding down. Now America has lost patience with the successful lawbreaking to find a better life.
It is very hard to insist that poor people need to stand and fight for survival in the lands of their births, whether in Mexico or Guatemala. Illegals will always say they had to come north, there was no other choice. What would you say if you were asked why you broke into someone's country? You would try to say that you would have perished if you had not wouldn't you?
I do believe if Mexicans grow up with the idea that they must get north to the US as soon as possible they are not even going to consider fighting for a better life in the country of their birth. Going north has become a way of life for many and has been for years.
I am sure changes are taking place right now in the countries of origin of many of these illegals. Desperation is going to cause changes in Mexico no matter what the strain, which this country has probably been dreading. The squeeze is on everywhere.
The liberals have exhibited the 'bleeding hearts' that have earned them a bad reputation. They feel sorry for these poor people as the wicked Nazi Sheriffs like Arpaio begin to badger them to get out. But oddly these same 'bleeding hearts' have shown no mercy when it comes to the lives of the unborn taken in legalized abortion. They are just as ruthless as they can be when 'reproductive rights' are threatened which means legalized abortions. Course probably the reason that the illegals birth rate is way up because nobody has figured out a way to get them to abortion clinics where they can be mercifully parted from their burden of still another child to raise while living the precarious life of an illegal.
So it is interesting to see how liberals are trying to tap dance their way out of being nailed for their contradictory policies.
The conservatives on the other hand have fought legalized abortion so the accusation that they are heartless, selfish, greedy people who don't care anything about the suffering of the poor is just not quite as effective as it once might have been.
So far I am voting conservative as I think legalized abortion is a brutal concept that promotes violence and heartlessness.
Democrats do need to question every policy that a republican comes up with to make sure that it is fair, but I hardly think that with what the democratic party has chosen to support, they are going to be seen as good examples.
I saw Ted Kennedy in person and never was so disappointed in my life. I had it in mind to ask him why he, a Catholic, had gone pro choice. People might have expected him to be a pro life democrat, but the party democrats in Arizona would not allow anyone to question him. They just wanted their pictures taken with a famous Kennedy and they did not want him bothered by questions that might have annoyed him. He spoke right here in the ball room of the Westward Ho and as a pro life democrat I would have asked him if I had gotten the opportunity. As it was, he sounded like a robot, spouting nothing but the party line with no spontaneity at all. I never was so uninspired by a famous Kennedy.
But I do not worship the Kennedys as I thought John Kennedy was a cruel husband who upset his wife with infidelity while she was even pregnant and having children. He could not stop his philandering even for 8 years in the White House. I became somewhat disillusioned with Robert Kennedy too when I read sources I thought had no reason to lie that it was common knowledge he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe not long before she was found dead. In fact, I thought some of the excesses of the Kennedys contributed to them getting killed. They were very flamboyant about what they did but Joe Kennedy, their father, was a ruthless man, and I think it was hard for his sons to be entirely better men. In some ways they were not, and their excesses with so much power was disturbing to people.
It is hard for men to be great. It is beyond many men no matter if they are democrats or republicans.
I believe that agreeing to support legalized abortion to become the democratic candidate is Obama's Achilles heel. That is the big weakness in the democratic party. Now the bleeding heart liberal is seen to have a ruthless attitude toward the unborn. So they are not even good bleeding heart liberals any more. So I don't know what they are going to do.
We will just have to see.

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Very good information in general.
Immigration is always current news in Arizona. Keep us informed!
People, in general, seem to run with the crowd. Those that are front and center, often in opposition, should be commended.


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