Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I will be drinking green tea instead of coffee

I am going to Fresh N' Easy tomorrow to get some green tea as when I am alone instead of brewing coffee, I just heat some water, pour into one of my big green cups, and slip in a green tea bag.
Yesterday separation reactions which consisted of not answering numerous phone calls from Doc. I just didn't feel like it as they would all be on the order of "Are you all right?" Sister Ann called from Utah which was nice but I did not even need much cheering up. I just knew I was doing what had to be done.
The 3 very attractive men I have liked since I moved in here 13 years ago have been alcoholics. One died, the other got evicted, and this one has been one of the hardest to leave, but I think I am done being fascinated with his mind despite his drinking. A very smart guy, couldn't understand why?
Spent some time reading a book called The Philosopher and the Wolf. This guy spent ten years with a great big wolf as his main companion. I loved that wolf, but guess what, he, too, was an unabashed alcoholic.(the guy not the wolf) Well, Irish. What do you expect? Brilliant but... So I didn't spent a lot of time reading this book except the parts about the wolf. They were fascinating.
Then I moved on to another book about a woman named Pat Highsmith, a writer. Pretty fascinating study although I have not read any of her books, but she too was an alcoholic. How I missed being one I will never know. Mormon background. Word of Wisdom you know, frowns on drinking especially for women. Even if we rebelled we were not as apt to drink as the young male rebels.
I did go down and spend about 45 minutes bouncing around in the pool with my noodles. A guy was swimming a few laps but at our age you are not going to swim many. I can stay in much longer if I use my noodles and exercise gently. Yesterday, it was so funny, a guy came and jumped into the pool, swam vigorously about a minute and got out! He rides his bicycle all the time for exercise so I guess he was just cooling off. He never stays longer than that.
Ran into the BF of our Westward Ho Tenants Org Chairman. They had moved in together and were planning a big wedding. Everyone advised them not to, move in together that is, but Nikita insisted. Now he was wheeling out all his belongings in a very large box. He had now lost his place in the Westward Ho along with his prospective bride, so I could see it must be a day of sadness and relief for Nikita, too. It is very tough to pull off marriage at our age, although she is 30 years younger than I am, but they were both in wheel chairs. Don't think the problem was alcohol. I think it was more tempers clashing. I didn't say anything to her about the move in or prospective plans. I thought let her have the fun of being in love.
So that was more or less the days events. As I said I did not answer the phone, but I am resolved that Doc must go the rest of the rocky way down the path he has chosen alone.
No more sharing of bus passes, morning coffee, watching the sunrise in different parts of the world, and chatting about current events and what is going on around us in the complex, what's up with my family, and all the rest of it. I think he will be able to handle his online bill pay after that terrible lesson he got on not closing the transaction while pie-eyed. I took over for a while, but he would ask me each time if I submitted the bill, so he had finally got it.
Now I will allow for healing before spirits can pick up.


Okuma said...

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Good idea, Gerry. You can lose weight while drinking tea! If you can find the tea. I drink coffee in the morning, but if I want one in the afternoon...I turn to tea.
It's not as satisfying. I wonder why that is? Must be a mind thing.

Have Myelin? said...

I lost a lot of weight eating cantalope and watermelon! =) Seems like it's filling (and it has a lot of water in it) plus it's low in calories.

I didn't have my usual cup of coffee this morning. Tea sounds good...

Yasmin said...

I went from coffee to green tea about six years ago and haven't looked back.

How are you Gerri hope you are well:)


Amrita said...

Hi Gerry, Nice photo of yours. I am posting some Indian recipies on a group blog , the link is on my blogh


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