Thursday, August 26, 2010

Talking to Kevin at my new swimming pool headquarters

I went down early this morning and met Kevin at the swimming pool with my camera. He is from Salt Lake, so we have a shared history to talk about, and an artist. He and I are both certified, watch the video and you will find out how!
Doc asked me how old Kevin was and I said nearly sixty, but he looks like a boy. Doc says he does not get jealous so here will be a test. He may find a new female partner to share his videos once in a while, who knows? Kevin is young enough to be my son, so I do not expect a romance there! Just some fun talk.

P.S. Raymond left a note on the family site saying that the LA actor did not leave, and he will perform for the four days, so that will take some heat off the director. He and my son Dan plan to return around the first so that is when I expect to do something about my computer, online, and phone problems. In the meantime I must find other entertainment besides the Internet!

5 comments: said...

You certainly have a lovely new headquarters. Wish I was there to join Kevin swimming laps. I have been putting in an hour...oh dear.
I'm glad someone is enjoying the pool! I rode my bike to the care center this morning and to the post office...I don't think it is as fun as swimming.

Connie said...

you are sooo lucky to have such a beautiful pool to swim in...

salemslot9 said...

tell Kevin
I enjoyed the
celebrity pool history
about Esther Williams
and Paul Newman

Anonymous said...

I wish I had that warm pool in S.F. We had two days of summer and it is back to winter...Linda

Amrita said...

You are having a gorgeous time time at your new HQs. Good to see you having fun. Keep it up. Even though I don 't know how to swim I would have jumpe d right into that inviting pool


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