Friday, August 20, 2010

Raymond calls and brings excitement back into my life

I think that is how my future excitement will come from what my creative kids decide to do and share with me as well as what my own efforts, writing my memoirs, will bring. Raymond said the last show he did of Bohemian Cowboy about his dad's disappearance out to a town called Torrey, over the mountain from Boulder, was a great show despite a small crowd. It just had not been advertised well enough I take it. A woman was putting up posters the day of the show! He said a French couple from Paris was there and they came up afterward with great enthusiasm saying they had been to theater all over the world and had seen no better show which was shocking to them out here in the wild west. They urged him to bring the show to Paris where they assured him it would be well received! He took down all the info.
Now he is doing his show, "Under the Desert" up on top of this ledge shown above. The road is rough and steep and you had better have 4-wheel drive but that is the point of making you work for your theater. Raymond is having a dinner catered up there which is part of the cost of the ticket. Anselm who owns the house he had built up on top of the ledge is giving him a great deal of support he said. He has been wonderful to work with and is providing canvas and tee pee poles he is using to make the set. Tracee, the actress he brought from Phoenix, he says has saved the show a time or two. She is a god send as well as a great actress. I have seen Tracee's work. She is a very hard worker and that is obviously what this role is going to need. She has worked with Raymond many times before so she is not surprised at anything he might throw at her so she might be his most enthusiastic supporter.
If any of you have seen Caffeine she figures in that quite a bit. In fact I do have a photo of them together. Raymond said he takes Baby every day, his dog, and she does her somersaults in the arc of the hose water all the time now. I think she knows that is her performance.
The actor from LA he said is unstable but brilliant. So this show should be something to see. I am sorry to miss it myself! However climbing around on top of Thompson's ledge with my knees might not be a good idea. And not the place for me to fall down and do damage to myself, so I will have to wait for the theater artist to get back to Phoenix to work his magic!

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