Friday, July 10, 2009

Dante to go to California by way of El Paso

Dan will be pleased to know I met up with Angelina and Dante last night to give them funds sent by him for their trip to Blythe, and was relieved to find out Dante's uncle was coming clear to Phoenix to pick Dante up to accompany him to Texas to visit relatives before ending back up in California for a few weeks summer vacation. Angelina's beautiful little children were with them, goodness sakes, some people's kids are so gorgeous. Her little boy with her big eyes is now rivaling Dante in striking looks, and the little 2 year old girl is as pretty as he is handsome. Angelina says in August she will take her little kids and go to California for a big family reunion.
I have not been able to talk to my daughter Ronda yet, but I was so glad that Nigel assured the two dancers who had to go home last night from So you think you can dance they will still be able to go on the tour. All the dancers are so good I have fallen in love with every one of them. Now I think this is a show that is doing so much good in America, getting people excited about dancing. What could be better for their physical well being as well as for their desires to create?
All of us sisters grew up dancing. Our country dances were such wonderful occasions of creativity and joy. I have so many memories of great dancers dazzling the crowds of watchers. That was their time to shine, and if you could keep up with them, yours, too. I will never forget Vallen Veater with the twinkling toes, and my excitement one night on being asked to dance a fast one with him. (I found out I could not dance doubletime) He danced twice as fast as anybody else and his fingers were just as fast on the guitar. He formed a band and played on weekends in his spot for years. Then there was Gordon, who was Dean's younger half brother, the best dancer in a family of talented people. He was gentle and good-looking, too, and so modest despite being so popular on the dance floor with the girls. Dean, my ex-husband, was never as good a dancer. His singing was what was phenomonal, and he lived to take a turn with the band. They did not allow just anybody to sing. You had to be good.
Which all goes to show that talent can find a way anywhere, even in small country towns nobody from the outside world ever heard of. And I, of course specialized in giving readings and later on writing plays. I know you are going to love my sisters' blogs, Vooman's Voice, and Kanyonlandking because they are both poets. So far Ann has written all her entries in poetry. I think that's delightful. She just posted a stunning photograph too of the 'forest creatures' as a header. You will love it. Ann was and still is the great hiker of the family, while LaRae, who passed on, was the ledge climber, going where no other girls dared to go. She specialized in daring feats. Linda walked on her hands, and my son Raymond could not wait to turn himself into a hand walker.
Now the children and grandchildren try to figure out how to surpass the old gals in their endeavors, so it is a lot of fun to watch them go.

PS Even though I loved my banner I took it off because some with dial-up were having trouble uploading my blog. Connie is always so up on the latest graphic feats. Well, it's time to get ready and go to breakfast down to Doc's. Up and at 'em!

8 comments: said...

Interesting how my name changes on these blogs. It sounds like Dante is on his way to a super-vacation! Everyone does need a change.

Paula said...

I always like to read about dancing. I loved it and miss it. I went to El Paso once when my husband was in basic there. Nice entry Gerry.

Barb said...

Hope Dante has a safe and happy happy trip. My DH is off on vacation for 4 weeks starting Monday. He wants to go to Vegas & I told him he was crazy. LOL I'm off to make a tiki hut birthday cake (I hope) for granddaughter's 6th birthday tomorrow. Have a good weekend.
Hugs, Barb *queenb

Missie said...

I hope Dante has a great vacation! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog today.

Have a good weekend.

Missie said...

I hope Dante has a great vacation! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog today.

Have a good weekend.

Connie said...

Have a great time,Dante. I love reading your blog,you are so full of excitment. Those on dial-up have problems even with the least of pics.I had AOL dial up for years and missed out on a lot.I couldn't watch Ste's singing videos.But now I can....I hope you try the smaller banner...hugs my sweet lady..

Amrita said...

Wishing Dante a happy vacation.

Thank you for making it easy for us slow connections to open your page Gerry.

The music playlist is also cumbersome for slow dialers.

How is Doc doing. Hope he is staying away from the flagon.

Have Myelin? said...

Hope Dante has a wonderful time. :-)


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