Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using people power to combat obesity in America


LaRae and Mother, both in the spirit. Grandparents House of Spirits

I go out and sit in the patio every day partly to see the progress being made on our swimming pool renovation. Today they were putting back the iron fence. I mourned the big palm tree they had to take out to make room for the filtering apparatus. It had been there many years, but the pool was constantly having to be closed because of problems with it, and the manager says this renovation is to fix the filtering problems so that won't happen! Oh joy! For this is a wonderful big pool that never gets too warm because it is somewhat shaded and it is so large. People are taking such a interest in the renovation, hopefully they will all go and jump in when it is done. At least some of the new people. It has been hard to get people in the habit of using this pool, especially in heat like we have had this summer.
But mostly I go out to the patio to see if I can connect to people. When I think of what I most need to combat my own obesity and food addiction, it is people power! This summer has been quite interesting. Jack, the guy who had the alcoholic meltdown a couple of months ago and nearly died has been going out there and talking to people. I see that he has been able to draw out the manager's husband and get him to laughing and joking with some of the other residents. I have often thought when I saw him isolated and alone, reading a book, it was too bad that he could not find people to talk to as he lives here in the manager's apartment that was renovated especially for them. I knew I was not the one to draw him out. He is always wary of friendly female residents as that can be iffy for a manager's husband. We have had female residents in here who were down right dangerous to talk to for fear of how they would interpret it.
A lot of people relate to Jack which is why it seemed so tragic when he was about to kill himself. He seems to be on a mission now to talk to people to combat his addiction. I certainly think he is on the right track. I was not able to talk to him yesterday as I found that I was still recovering from the strange thing that happened to me some days ago in which I tapped into a feeling of pain I had many years ago connected to a hostile man who was stalking me to do me harm. I found out the next day that this pain was connected to my brother-in-law who has been hostile to me for many years. I annoyed him greatly by calling up my sister to tell her about this strange happening and see if she could help me figure it out to the point he threatened to get on the phone when I called and tell me never to call there again! It is obvious he is not using people power, and I ended up concluding that this was some sort of strange premonition of danger pssibly for him who is flooding his system too often with hostility. I have always worried about my sister being able to survive this hostility, with such a serious health problem as no pancreas, but she has proved to be tough and resilent and has survived until her seventies. And that's in clover.
However she has received quite an astounding sign connected to my sister LaRae who passed away. At the festival she went to what used to be my Grandfather King's ranch with other relatives for a tour and talk on ranching. A big picture of the old King ranch house was on display that my sister LaRae painted. Most of us sisters think of the old ranch house, which was torn down, as the 'house of spirits.' We have often had dreams of the spirits inhabiting that house. My sister Ann took a photo of this picture, and when she brought it up on her computer there was a great big ball of light above the house! Some of the shafts of light were shining down on the flowers too! Shock! I have never seen a photo like it, well just once, which happened when my sister LaRae had been told her cancer was terminal. We all met and had a conference in Utah in a house she and my mother had just bought called the Turret House. Someone took a photo of her sitting on the steps with one of the other sisters or a daughter, and when it came up in the computer shafts of light were coming from every window of that house! This photo gave my sister LaRae comfort who lived nearly 3 more years before she passed. She felt the spirits were with her as manifested by the light from the windows where we had been talking so intensely and so sadly. I hope my sister Ann will post the photo and say what it means to her.
But she wonders if it is also a premonition, a sign of change, so I am listing both of these signs so we can see what happens.
See, aren't people interesting? Jack is extremely psychic which was why I was probably able to tell him about this strange happening at the time that held my mind in such a painful grip I could not shake it off. I think my brother-in-law with his habit of being too hostile is probably in the most danger of the three of us, he, I, and my sister Ann, his wife. This hostility has to be very hard on his health. Too corrosive.
I can shut off my telephone contact to their house which I hastened to do as I have the family site with which I can communicate to my sister, and e-mails, and now she is blogging. But he is turning contact away instead of embracing it.
As Doc is doing with his excessive use of alcohol. Jack is now sober and as far as I can see is staying that way, so his intensity has picked back up. He is sure to come up with some remarkable insights and communications. Now if he can just quit smoking! I fear lung cancer and such. Smoking raises havoc with the heart and lungs and carries so many people off prematurely. It doesn't seem to do such a number on the brain cells as alcohol, but it is a health hazard.
By the way my sister Ann did not look at her photo until after I had posted the entry I wrote about the sisters and as Ann said, 'conjured up LaRae's spirit' as well as Mother's. The picture LaRae painted looks as though this photo of the old ranch house I have posted served as a model.


kanyonlandking-annk.blogspot.com said...

Now that outfit is HOT for a 78 year old! Or for anyone much younger. Wow...you found the perfect suit and perfect hat. It
makes you look HOT PINK!

sober white women said...

I love the old pictures and the picture of you in your new swim suit. If that pool was nclose to me I would so want it done. It has been very hot here.

Amrita said...

Wow - that 's a hip outfit Gerry.

What you say about obesity and other addictions is absolutely. Its mainly comfort and trying to find satisfaction., lack of exercise and poor choices. But many times its a genetic problem too.

Doc is funny

Amrita said...

You are 1 month younger than my Mom.

I am one day older than Barack Obama


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