Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prince from Saturn gets arrested for exposing himself in public when he had to go

In the last scene featuring any drama in this play Casey reveals that Ken has been arrested for urinating in public when he was gathering cans and newspapers with Baby Maureen. A woman saw him, her husband called the police, and Ken is faced with a $600 fine or a jail sentence or possibly both.
I was somewhat disturbed by this revelation the last time the real live Ken and Casey were to visit me asking if they could stay a few days until they could move to the subsidized apartment they had applied for and received. Ken did have to serve a jail sentence I believe of a few months duration. Anyway he told me that he was so happy to see Howler when he got home. He said nothing about Casey who separated from him while he was in jail. But under federal law, he could not be denied another apartment in the same complex so he could visit his daughter. He and Howler took up residence there where Ken began to fill the walls with his colorful drawings and began to watch a lot of horror movies which disturbed me some. I just did not know if Ken could stay out of trouble. He could not, and what happened during the next few years filled everyone with dismay and some sadness. There will be one more update on this play.

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This scene shows much of Ken's handicap, as well as Casey's. It's heartwrenching but most would feel something must be done. Sad.


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