Monday, July 20, 2009

Power outage in 110 degrees; first monsoon storm on the way; and Baby

We had a dangerous power outage last night in Gila Bend not far from here. 100 mile an hour winds snapped many power poles. They don't expect to restore power to 2 or 3 thousand people until tomorrow morning! Oh, I would hate to be an old lady in that town. I went for my meds this morning in about 113 degrees and had to give up walking to the grocery story a half of a block away and come home. I am just praying the big monsoon storm headed our way from Flagstaff won't knock out our power!
By the way Walgreens is installing a new system for meds and they told me Saturday that I could get one prescription there and would have to pick up the other four in a Walgreens on Orange Blossom Road! I said I don't even know where that is, I never heard of it! I have to collect all my meds to one pharmacy because it is too HOT to go to more. When I picked up my meds I found out Orange Blossom Road was in Florida!! I said what do I tell them next time? The gal waiting on me said, "Tell them, and you idiots, don't tell me to go clear to Florida to pick up my meds." It seems they have a new central system that takes care of the faxing! I said I thought I spoke to a real person, but he sounded so unsure of himself I about said, "Do you know what you are doing?"
Sadly, a family of 5 probably from out of town ran out of water hiking on South Mountain and one 14 year old died. Every year it happens when the extreme heat hits. You can get deydrated so fast it is not even funny, and soon you can be in big trouble. People have died of heat prostration a mile out in the desert.

My sister Margie wrote her report of the festival on the family site and said my son Gary was THE ROCK STAR ARRIVING. I guess his cousins had heard about his heart attack, and some he had not seen in years greeted him with affection. I think he was dragging an outfit he had to take to New Mexico on the way.
I have not heard from any of my sons, so they are probably still working and recovering. Raymand and Dan would have had to take all the saddles back gathered for the saddle show, plus tear down all the equipment used for broadcasting the music. It is a good thing Dan's regular job the past year has been setting equipment up for shows. He asked people to take photos of him working, so he could show his boss!
One of the family even posted a photo of Raymond's dog. I will try to snare one and put it on here. Baby is very cute.
My sister Margie said the men were very interested in the ranching book which traces the history of each property through new owners. Naturally the men were drawn to this project. And they were pointing out mistakes to be corrected before the book goes to a final printing. Margie said it was the biggest festival ever!


DB said...

Gerry, when I was hitchhiking out west I was picked up by a Navajo as I walked along the highway in western Arizona. He warned me not to walk out on the desert. I did, But only for a few miles before someone else picked me up.
It is dangerous stuff, for sure.


Amrita said...

Ooooh the monsoon storms do that to our electricity too. We have a snmall battery run genrator for emergencies like that. It can run a fan and light bulb for a few hours.

That is a real mix up Gerry, how can you go to Florida to pick up your meds.. Some kind of weird joke!

I love Baby dog, he is sooooo cute.

I have just started reading Out Of Africa which you sent me. Its really fascinating.

Take care.

Connie said...

Sure hope you don't have a power outage,too.When mom was here we were out of electric for 8 days..and most of the time I had the was a hairy time.
Guess they are trying to get ALL of us old fogies down in Florida,Lol.Stay cool!!!! said...

I heard on Oprah that they were expecting 300 deaths from the heat wave. Too many old people, but the young can die too. Phoenix is not the fun place to be in the summer...but those winters are great!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, hope you are well. I guess the pharmacy don't have free delivery? Florida? My goodness, I hope you are kidding.

If every year people died of dehydration when then weren't the family more prepared? That just blows my mind.

Sometimes the power gets knocked out in my area. I have candels, canned food with a mandle can opener, crackers, lamps the whole bit for when that happens. The last time it lasted so long, I was glad I had crackers and tuna!

Great entry, enjoy the rest of your week and stay blessed.


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