Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heat wave continues and I have less tolerance

Doc and I had to go to the grocery store this morning as we were all out of food, so we decided to go at 7am. The bus drove off just as we were coming out of the store, so we had to sit a half an hour on a bus stop facing the sun. I have been obliterated ever since we got home. I told Doc we should have gone at 6am as we once planned. On top of that I had to pay $3 to ride the bus whereas last month I only paid $1.25. They're charging $2.60 if you buy the bus pass on the bus rather than at the station or somewhere. I didn't have change as I planned to put in $2 for the $1.85 I thought I would be paying. The flyer said that the reason they were charging so much is because people were holding up the bus buying their tickets! I started to complain to Doc again and he told me to shut up he did not like to talk on the bus.
I thought to myself next time I won't go with him, but will instead borrow his bus pass and go alone. He and I neither one go to the store often enough to use up a bus pass, but he likes a bus pass. I would not be surprised if that little bus driver recognized me if I tried to use his pass and refused to let me ride on the suspicion I am using his bus pass! She has already carded me to make sure I am a senior citizen!
It is no wonder I have been unable to do anything all day except sleep. That is the way the heat seems to be affecting me this year.
Doc is afraid since I have asked him to look at Baby, the dog, twice, that I have given up on any grandchildren from Raymond and am acting like the grandmother of a dog. He said tell him I am worried about his Mom.
We then watched Dexter, a cable series he discovered on his cable, which is about a serial killer. I hope none of you ever see it. I never get anything remotely resembling that kind of series on my TV since it has been sanitized for the general public. What they're showing on cable TV now days is unbelievable. I told him I would watch Weeds but Dexter is so beyond Weeds I can't even describe it. It is no wonder I had never heard of it even though it has only been on 3 seasons. Probably no one is ever going to admit they ever watched it, but I can tell you it might encourage serial killing. He and I have watched a lot of True Crime which is always about a true case and is serious business. This is why I never read crime fiction. I figure the author has to be held responsible for those killings since he or she makes them up. But it is a series that makes you laugh even, and Doc is so decadent he is not aghast at such a thing. Nurse Jackie does not behave too well either, but she is busy saving people not killing them! But Dexter only kills killers who are serial killers themselves killing innocent people. That sort of thing.
I just saw a whole series of photographs taken at the Festival on the family. I saw photos of all my sons and the babies, nieces, sisters, so that was nice. I have still not heard from any of my sons, but they are probably still doing clean-up.
Connie, I am going to post the header I liked the best you sent me for my birthday tomorrow! Daughter Ronda is coming to take me to lunch, but if she calls and begs off because of this awful heat, I will gladly tell her she can wait. She only lives 40 miles away!
On a sad note I found out the family that went hiking on one of these 114 degree days was from Alaska. Their 14 year old son was probably not well hydrated when he started off, and then they ran out of water. To think ignorance about this heat caused a tragedy in the family. I have never felt the effects of it so much, but it has been hotter than usual.


Anonymous said...

I want that dog on your header, but my cats, both sitting on the desk, say no.

I say it should be standard procedure to take Doc's pass and leave him home. I think shopping and the traveling to and fro would go a mite more smoothly. ~Mary

Missie said...

I love your header picture. What a cute dog!

It's been hot and dry here too.

Have a good night.

Paula said...

The heat has bothered me more then usual this year too. Take care of yourself Gerry.

sober white women said...

The heat wave is bad this year, I usually spend my days hanging out at the lake, but this year it is to hot for that!

I think you should take docs buss pass. Everything is just going up.

Amrita said...

Baby looks so cute on your header, he just has that look.

Its too hot for you to go shopping. Can you your stuff home delivered. In India certain stores have free home delivery service. I have used it.Its very convinient, but many time you don 't know what they have.

The bus charging you extra was bad. Can 't you get a monthly pass?

Have Myelin? said...

I too hate the heat. Heat is my nemesis. Seems to be a common problem for MS'ers....

Have you tried to get a cooling vest from the MS Chapter? I got one- and it's really cool! (No pun intended)


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