Sunday, July 5, 2009

When Michael Jackson sexually offended with crotch touching and did not seem to recognize it

A commenter on Youtube said that my tit flashing offended him, so my objections were a bunch of rubbish. I commented that I had sort of worn this costume on purpose thinking it might offend some people, which shows how easily we can react to some people showing cleavage, etc, but how we accept people of superstar status using gestures that are too sexual for a performance with a large group of children. If Michael could not perceive that was really the wrong time to do it, would he be able to tell at other times when he crossed the line, especially when no one was around to see. And only the child to tell.


Paula said...

Cute outfit. Bet I know where you been shopping, huh? I can't see the videos. I'm probably the only person left in the world on dial-up. lol

Connie said...


Missie said...

I think most of everything Michael Jackson did was offesive!

Hope you had a good 4th. Have a good week!

salemslot9 said...

you both look
very festive

Pamela said...

You look very good in that outfit! Very summery! I agree with you on MJ. Hope you had a good 4th!

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings, hope you are well. Love the outfit, looks good on you.

In terms of the sexual offensive dancing. I don't know about offending in terms of dancing, one needs to see the dances across the world to which children are readily exposed to truly know what offensive is. If one is to start labeling sexual offensiveness to which children are continually exposed one need not look far because sex is used to sell everything from cars, perfumes, toothpaste, wine, food etc. One cannot turn on the TV without being sexually offended. Gone were the days when you could turn on the TV and leave it on not worrying about programming. When it got bad you had to monitor as you still do now what you children watched and the time in which they were given television viewing privileges. Now all that is gone since almost all of the advertisments are the sexually suggestive and downright explicit. There is no longer a specific time slot it is anytime of the day. Never mind protecting your children from adult content shows, because the advertisments are just as bad. If I had to raise children again in these times I would choose not to expose them to television in their most formative years.


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