Saturday, July 25, 2009

Farmers Market Shoppers led by Mr. Disgruntled

You can see Mr. Disgruntled standing in line. I got in line in the back but he spotted me and commanded me to come stand beside him, so he had someone to complain to, but he came home satisfied with a nice fresh watermelon and even carried my large sack of produce home including pinto beans, cabbage, tomatoes, corn on the cob, onions and cucumbers. I then went and bought granola, tabouli and a couple of tamales. Umm, good! I spotted this fabulous orange hat on a young lady and took a photo. I want one! Belinda's Pickles are featured. Typical Farmer's Market booth. Another gal and her big boxer complete my photo array today. As you can see it was kind of overcast and muggy, so we did not get too hot! Don't you love a farmer's market?

Post script: I talked to all three sons the yesterday. Dan and Raymond both talked and wished me a happy birthday. I also asked about Baby. She is becomng a good dog. Dan is thinking about heading back to Phoenix this coming month to his job. It dies off in the summer but he hopes it will be reviving soon. Gary had just got off work after a long week, but assured me he was okay and would be seeing his doctor next month. He survived his long trip to N.M. and Utah he thought pretty well. I also got a call from my sister Margie in Phoenix yesterday, too, wishing me a Happy B. We chatted for quite a while. I received a book in the mail from sister Ann, so I am well set up for entertainment. I am taking sister Margie's gift to buy a cartridge for my printer so I can start turning out books like my Utah sisters do!


Paula said...

Sounds like things are going well for you this Saturday. I'm just feeling lazy and I don't like that but guess everyone is entitled to a day off.

sober white women said...

Happy Birthday! I love that ladies hat. I really need to get to our farmers market because I am out of fresh fruit, but I am taking today off and doing very little.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you.
I'm pleased Mr. D finally found a watermelon worth carting home, along with other healthy foods as well. I bought from a roadside stand today, great tomatoes, buttery Boston lettuce and just ripe fruits.

I'm so glad you spoke with all your sons. ~Mary said...

How far away is the Farmer's Market? Sounds like a nice trip..does everyone come early when it's bearable there? Mr. D obviously had a good growling time!


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