Friday, July 17, 2009

Ronda comes to scrub!

Ronda, pictured above in one of the most delightful photos I ever took of her, came to my house yesterday bringing lunch I thought, but as soon as she got here she got out her tools and went to work, scrubbing my bathroom down as it has not been scrubbed in years. She bought a new towel set and part of a bathroom floor set, but we decided my hot pink set I bought to the thrift store was not ready for discard yet. I sat and chatted with Ethan, delighted beyond measure with such an act of generosity.
Ronda is at the moment through with her trial period as a hospital nurse, and since she continued to be stressed out by the job, by mutual consent with the hospital group, she decided to seek another kind of work in nursing. The hospital said they did not like to hire a new grad who had never worked in a hospital at all for this reason, that it was sometimes too stressful high tech work.
Ronda's husband is getting a wonderful promotion and this job was taking her away on weekends, too, so although she wants to earn money and work, she really wants it be hours that are more compatible with his work. She is going to continue her job search in another month whe Ethan has gone back to school. So right now she and Ethan are just hanging out, and although she is still retaining a maid service for her house, I guess she missed her old cleaning frenzies, so decided to come and be my maid for a day!
Doc kept hinting I should tell her about his kitchen floor needing a scrub, but I would not do it. He said another lady has offered to come and be his maid, and I said by all means to welcome her. I don't think it is good for him to do his cleaning anymore. Or me!
Ronda and I caught up on our dancing show we both love. Oh yes, and she expressed interest in the new beige hat I bought with my birthday money down the street. It is a very light cloth hat. So I insisted we go by the hat store before she left. We did and she bought a white one just like mine. I told the proprieter of Fed-Ex that if anyone expressed interest in a hat to me, I did not wait another moment to get them to the hat store. Fed-ex might seem like a strange place to buy a hat, but the proprieter just happens to love hats and has stocked a few. Believe me, it does not take long for me to find out where all the great hats can be bought in this city. Right now there are no hats for sale in the thrift store. It is so hot they sell as fast as they come in. And cloth is the only material that is bearable. Yes, this weekend we expect another record to be broken at around 115 degrees. Now is when we pay for our lovely winter weather.
Oh yes, and what tickled me is that Ethan pointed to the computer and said, "Grandma?" And then he said, "I better not." And sat back down to visit again. He just turned 10 on July 7th, but he is a gracious boy.

But I was so cheered up by Ronda's visit that I actually read a few of your blogs I had been neglecting. And thought as Kelli likes to say life is good!


Amrita said...

Ronda is so sweet to come and spend time with you and scrub your bathroom. Very few people would do a thing like that. Love her childhood photo.

May she get a suitable job.

Take a picture of your new hat and show it to us.

Anonymous said...





Paula said...

Not only is your daughter pretty she is sweet too.

Barb said...

I SO wish I could get someone to come scrub my bathroom. I am such a pack rat with cosmetics and facial creams & serums you can barely see the top of the sinktop. LOL My DH said the other day he was going to throw it all away and I threatened him with bodily harm. :) Though if I went through it I might find a goody or two I forgot I had. Love the photos. Ronda is a beauty. Stay in out of the heat. We had a beautiful rain this evening and it cooled things down to about 75. I would like to have a couple of days of that.
Take care & have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Barb *queenb

Have Myelin? said...

Awww! And I love hats too! :-)

Would love to see a photo of you and your hat.

Love her photo.


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