Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation time in Boulder

Everyone that can heads for Boulder, Utah in the summer, which has got to be the greatest vacation place for our family there is. My son Gary who just had the 2 stent heart problem came on the family site and said he was going to 'race' to Boulder on Friday, July 17 for the Heritage Music Festival. Camille, my niece, daughter of my sister Margie, is all booked in her motel, but Margie said she thought she could find a place to tuck Gary in, maybe down to another motel she books for the festival.
So that three day festival will be the next big event in Boulder. Raymond has also planned a concert on Sunday July 19 when a singer from New Zealand will perform with a band from Australia, some of whom loved Boulder so much they bought property there. Yes, people like to come from all over to Boulder to see canyonlands beyond compare. I grew up riding along narrow roads, peering into some deep canyon alongside hoping we never slid off into that one when it was raining and the roads were slick. People did go to their deaths if they did somehow run off the road. Especially new residents who were not used to going the proper speed when traveling hazardous roads.
I love the bluegrass band that comes to perform every year, "Above the Faultline". It's the best blue grass band I have heard in Utah. My niece Camille writes songs and with her husband Doug will perform a set, as will Raymond who plays music with a lot of different people in Utah, and always has new songs he wrote to sing. My son Gary loves music, and is a good singer, just has not had the practice Raymond has. That is one thing their dad bequeathed both of them, the love of music and the ability to do it. Dean was always trying to teach them something about singing. I love music of all kinds, but do not have the ability to perform it. I fall off the tune so often, nobody has been able to turn me into a passing singer. So I stuck to acting and play writing. But I was always trying to write parts for singers I met.
Next summer's festival will feature the history of entertainment in Boulder. I wrote my plays about that country years ago, of which "Happy Hello, Sad Goodbye" is one and will be featured next summer to the Festival. I don't know just where or when Raymond will stage it. That remains to be seen.
I wont be going to Boulder, this summer, but will be saving up the energy to go next! In the meantime, I hope everyone has a good time vacationing in Boulder!

P.S. If you want to see the plans in more detail, click on Boulder Heritage Festival on my blog list! The three cousins started it, Raymond, Cheryl, and Camille.


Amrita said...

Have a ghood time at the festival

Connie said...

Oh I wish you could go..with your family there -you will be missed...I will say prayers that God find a way for you to attend..


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