Friday, July 24, 2009

Still celebrating my birthday while waiting for sons to call

I did go to the the Japanese restaurant and had the most divine lunch, called the Black Dragon with tofu and a mixture of crunchy veggies, covered with a black bean sauce and rice. Doc declined to go, but paid for mine. I made the mistake of ordering green tea withut checking the price, and ended up paying $6 for it, so what with the tip that pretty much took care of the $20 Doc gave me. Now having celebrated my birthday to my heart's content I am ready to move on. Oh, I am still waiting for calls from my 3 sons. Raymond and Dan promised to call last night, and I sat up and waited until 4am and they never called. I usually go to sleep and forget about it, but not last night. For some reason I was sleepless. I hope they read this, but I am sure they have a good excuse. So I might forgive them.


Missie said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day.

Amrita said...

Black Dragon sounds really mystical nad robust for a vegetarian dish. Must be god.
The green tea must be a Japanese special.I could get about 3 pounds of Darjeeling green tea for $ 6.

I do hope your sons called.

Amrita said...

Really enjoyed your chit chat on video. What you say about men is right.


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