Thursday, July 16, 2009

History of Ranching in Boulder this year's book project

The top photo is a recent one of the old Salt Gulch ranch house fixed up by the new owners. I am feeling a little wakeful tonight as this is the opening night of the 4 day Heritage festival. The two Utah sisters, Margie and Ann, plan to attend. Margie went today and Ann will be going over tomorrow, as she helped put together the ranching book. She worked last year on the School Days book. The photo above is one that was included in that book that features my son Gary in it, who went to school for a brief time one fall. I am sure all the property owners will find this book of interest. It is going to be a three year project, but they published about ten copies so people can see what they are doing. I think they are taking orders. Ann forwarded me a copy of the book so far by attachment, and I have been waiting until I feel better, so I can look at it on Doc's computer.
During the festival they plan a tour of what used to be the King Ranch being hosted by the couple who bought the ranch house. I am told that a cousin on my Dad's side is coming back for the festival, the first time she has been back to Boulder in years. She is up in her eighties so she probably felt she needed to get going if she was going to make it. She is the oldest daughter and most of the rest of the family have died off. I think she is the only one left out of 8!
My sister Margie sent me a generous present for my birthday later on this month, so I went to the thrift store where I found some colored tiered skirts that were just beautiful. I also found blouses to go with, some on a tag sale for $1.
I also dropped by the grocery store, Fresh and Easy, and picked up Doc's green chile sourdough bread he loves so much. I also got a jar of roasted red peppers and when I got home I toasted some of Doc's bread and put on some of the roasted red pepper hummus he buys me, and laid some roasted red peppers on that in an open-faced sandwich. It was divine.
I told Doc I bought ten bags of clothes for my birthday, and since he believes me to be a terrible clothes junkie he believed me!
My daughter Ronda and grandson Ethan are bringing lunch tomorrow, and I can't wait to show her the skirts. She loves clothes, too, and has the distinct advantage of being so slim and trim she looks very good in them. Dancing the west coast swing is surely good for the figger.
My son Gary called and said he had to take a detour to New Mexico to bid on a job, so he will see how tired he is before he decides to swing by Boulder to the festival. This was a bid his boss put in for after he had decided to go to Boulder, so he had to go since he is the bidder now. I know work has to take top priority in these hard times, so I am suppressing my worry, and hoping he will not get too tired! He was impressed and so was the doctor when his blood pressure went from 240/140 down to 110/60 his last visit. He can now see what a difference those high blood pressure pills he stopped taking can make! So people, don't ever go off your blood pressure pills once you have been prescribed them. That is not good.

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Paula said...

When is your birthday Gerry? Mine is the 28th. I like the ranch house but it looks hot and dry there too.


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