Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doc calls me to come and drop the 666 from his Youtube User name

What a hassle this turned out to be. I told him Youtube does not make this easy because a bunch of stupid people want to change their user names all the time, probably. It was impossible. He was in a blackout when he decided on that number. I did not try to control him. Besides he wouldn't let me. He is now boss of his own channel. There has got to be some compensation for us going our separate ways. Mine is the sober channel, and his is well the inebriated one.


salemslot9 said...

'sex' (x 3)
put Doc in another catagory
besides devil worship
check out video selection
at the end...

Amrita said...

You can copy the DVDs on to the hard drive of your computer and then transfer the file to Youtube.Too much trouble though said...

That name and namedropping is funny. I had to laugh.

Connie said...

oh oh-look what I started...Did he really tell you sex-sex-sex- and you thought it was 666..waaaay fun-nee.Well I had a youtube that I didn't like I closed it and started another one.


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