Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad Goodbye

Jack is gone. He was evicted as of 3pm, the locks changed on his apartment, and he was warned not to return to the project. Where he will go or what he will do, I don't know.
He came out to the patio around 7 am and another woman and I talked to him for about an hour and a half. During this time the manager came and told him how much she hated to do this but he had given her no choice. He seemed to agree.
Mercedes, although in very low spirits over a tragedy that happened in her best friend's family, came over to see him, and she was the one who took him back to St. Lukes to see if he could get help to sober up in there, so he will be fit to find another place to live. In the condition he is now he would not be able to get into a shelter even. There would be no place for him to go but the street.
Mercedes is the friend that I featured in an entry not long ago who is also a long time friend of Jack's. I posted a photo of her I took when she took me to lunch one year on my birthday. A few days ago her best friend's daughter, 24 years old, was drunk and got into a fight with her boyfriend. In an unpremeditated act she rushed up stairs and got a gun and shot herself. Mercedes showed me a photo of her. She is a beautiful girl. You can imagine the suffering of all those left behind who loved her. Neither her mother or her boyfriend can fathom how she could have done such a thing.
Anyway Mercedes was not too patient with Jack's suicide threats, as you can imagine. She has promised to let me know what happens to him, if she can keep track of him. We went to his apartment to try to pick up some things. We found his ATM card and his medicard, but his glasses are lost. Ten years accumulation of belongings were there in disarray. So we soon left so as not to get too depressed over it all. Jack will do or die, that is all I can say.


Nelishia said...

This is so sad it's poetic.

What's left behind for others to see after years of wrong choices,

Concrete consequences of a harder head.

A life that fought so hard to hide inside alcohol so that no one would see the real man

Showed only what that real man had become.

A self destructive drunk whose life was dissolved in liquid poison.
© Nelishia Whittemore 9-1-09

Have Myelin? said...

Yes- a sad goodbye. I am sorry.

Alcohol is a demanding mistress as someone once said to me. said...

Jack has been a main contributer to the computer world of WHO for some years. It's too bad he fell apart and had to leave. I hope he can find himself somewhere once more.

Amrita said...

Very sad to read this.

What the Bible says is true Wine is a mocker. It makes a fool out of a wise man.

Hope Jack finds help somehow.. Where has he taken his stuff..

Sad about this young girl.

Paula said...

So sorry about Jack. I just don't know what else to say. I hope some way some how he makes it.

Missie said...

That's a shame, but it was to be expected.

Gerry said...

All of Jack's belongings but a few things were locked in his apt. but a staff member has said she will set aside stuff she thinks he might want or need which he will be allowed to pick up when he is sober. If a person is evicted he or she is not supposed to come back on the property.

LaRena said...

a very sad ending to what could have been a beautiful friendship for you. Probably was in many ways. IO wish with all my heart there was a magic way for alcoholics to turn things around once and for all. It seems once it gets such a grip not much can help.Surely St Luke will have some resources for Jack. It would seem they couldn't just put a man who is that sick out on the street in this heat. That would probably be a death sentence for sure. It must have been very hard for you to go to his apartment. does he have any family or friends besides the Westward Ho people. Hope you hear good news about him soon.

Anonymous said...

I feel so very badly for all concerned. No one WANTS this. No one thinks one day....

vooman's voice said...

It seem he is determine to leave this world. Alcohol is a killer and alcoholics just need to not touch the stuff. This is poison.


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